Twitter Censors Trump Again…What Are They Trying To Hide?

(Tea Party 247) – For the second time, social media giant Twitter has censored President Donald Trump, again for tweets about the security of our national elections should mail-in and absentee voting be expanded.

It’s pretty significant that, in an unprecedented move, the social media giant has censored Trump’s tweets specifically about the election.

Is it even possible to deny that they have a specific political agenda that they are using their vast near-monopoly over the flow of information to achieve?

This is nuts.

Breitbart reports:

Twitter hid another tweet from President Donald Trump behind a warning label earlier today, the latest in a string of censorship against the President that the platform has taken this year.

Earlier today, President Trump tweeted that mail drop boxes are a “voter security disaster,” that allow people to vote multiple times. The president also warned that the mailboxes are not sanitized to prevent the spread of the Chinese virus.

The tweet is now hidden behind a warning, labeled as “misinformation.”

“This tweet violated the Twitter Rules about civil and election integrity. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

This is just the latest in many acts of censorship that Twitter has taken against President Trump’s account this year.

Back in May, Twitter added “fact check” labels to tweets from President Trump warning voters about the potential for fraud in mail-in ballots, just days after a USPS mail carrier in West Virginia had been charged with fraud for…tampering with mail-in ballot requests.

Breitbart also notes:

During the Minneapolis riots, Twitter again censored one of the President’s tweets, falsely accusing him of “glorifying violence” over a tweet that linked rioting to gun violence.

The month after, Twitter put a “public interest notice” on one of Trump’s tweets warning that violent rioters outside the White House would be met with force, accusing him of “threatening harm against an identifiable group.”

In July, Twitter took down a meme retweeted by the President in response to a copyright claim by the New York Times, despite the fact that the image was substantially edited.

And earlier this month, Twitter took down a Fox & Friends interview with the President, accusing Trump of spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19.