Twitter Shreds MSNBC Over Their Latest Hire, “Hide Your Husbands!”

(Tea Party 247) – MSNBC has made the massively idiotic decision to hire shady former FBI lawyer Lisa Page as a national security/legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. As you may recall, Page rose to infamy in 2017 when it was revealed that she had exchanged 10,000 anti-Trump text messages with Peter Strzok, the then deputy director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, in which the duo hatched a plan to prevent his election and agreed to undermine him should he win the election.

Page and Strzok, both Obama holdovers at the upper levels of the FBI, were co-conspirators on Robert Mueller’s failed Russia investigation charade and the icing on the corrupt cake of lies and deceit is that Page and Strzok became lovers during this time, while they were both married to other people.

Where ethics are concerned it would appear Page has none making her, in actuality, a perfect fit for MSNBC. Nonetheless, Twitter shredded the leftist media outlet over the decision and rightfully so.

Users focused on Page’s promiscuous past, even warning those at MSNBC saying they had better “hide their husbands.”

President Trump even reacted to the news by tweeting: “You must be kidding??? This is a total disgrace!”

President Trump is not wrong. Just when you thought MSNBC couldn’t get any more disgraceful.

Page made her big debut as an MSNBC analyst on Friday on “Deadline: White House.” During her introduction host Nicole Wallace couldn’t gush enough about Page while simultaneously listing all of her failed legal endeavors. Page is not only a downright shady person, she’s also an awful lawyer with an abysmal track record.

Page is an Obama Deep State agent whose only objective while working for the FBI was to destroy President Trump but users on Twitter couldn’t help but focus on her adulterous past. Twitter user “Catturd” warned all the women at MSNBC, saying, “HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS!”

Trump supporter Tiff joked: “Pretty obvious Lisa Page sucked half the married execs’ peacock at NBC/MSNBC to land a New National Security and Legal Analyst gig-just as she did in the FBI.”

“Deep Throat of the Deep State.”

Richard Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, wondered: “Is she getting a work phone?”

Jonathan Turley, a professor at Georgetown Law School, remarked: “The problem is not that Page disagrees with the Administration on legal matters, but that she is personally involved in the investigations and has shown intense and at times unhinged bias against Trump.”

Fox News analyst Brit Hume tweeted: “I thought this was a joke. It’s not.”

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton pointed out that Page’s extramarital affair with Peter Strzok “compromised both the sham Clinton investigation AND the fraud Russia investigation of President Trump.”

Page most definitely fits right in with the ranks of shameless, anti-Trump leftist sycophants at MSNBC as disgraceful as it is.