Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. For Sharing This Viral Video That Every American Needs To See

(Tea Party 247) – Big Tech is in a rush to censor and ban all content regarding the recent “White Coat Summit” held on Capitol Hill in which several real doctors gathered together in an attempt to provide Americans with some factual COVID-19 information and spread hope.

The left doesn’t want you to have hope, though. The left wants us all to be terrified of the big, bad coronavirus and be desperately waiting for their magical vaccine. They need us to believe there is no cure and no hope. It’s the only way we’ll line up for their rushed vaccine and vote blue in November. That’s what they think, at any rate, in their delusional brains. Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder from which there truly is no cure.

On Monday, Twitter once against censored the President, this time for sharing a video of Dr. Stella Immanuel detailing her success in personally treating over 350 COVID patients with Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax. All of her patients have recovered. She did not lose a single one. The left does not want you to believe that. They don’t even want you to hear it.

What does that tell you?

Twitter also suspended Donald Trump Jr. for sharing a viral video of medical doctors discussing Hydroxychloroquine.

Via Andrew Surabian:

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube would rather see American bodies pile up than have us know the truth about COVID-19.

Nonetheless, brave doctors like Dr. Immanuel are speaking out even at the risk of their own lives and practices. Here’s what Dr. Immanuel said about the risks of standing for the truth in her testimony at the White Coat Summit:

I tell all of you doctors that are sitting down and watching Americans die. You’re like the good Nazi … the good one, the good Germans that watched Jews get killed and you did not speak up. If they come after me, they threaten me. They’ve threatened to … I mean, I’ve gotten all kinds of threats. Or they’re going to report me to the bots. I say, you know what? I don’t care. I’m not going to let Americans die. And if this is the hill where I get nailed on, I will get nailed on it. I don’t care. You can report me to the bots, you can kill me, you can do whatever, but I’m not going to let Americans die.

And today I’m here to say it, that America, there is a cure for COVID. All this foolishness does not need to happen. There is a cure for COVID. There is a cure for COVID is called hydroxychloroquine. It’s called zinc. It’s called Zithromax. And it is time for the grassroots to wake up and say, “No, we’re not going to take this any longer. We’re not going to die.” Because let me tell you something, when somebody is dead, they are dead. They’re not coming back tomorrow to have an argument. They are not come back tomorrow to discuss the double blinded study and the data. All of you doctors that are waiting for data, if six months down the line you actually found out that this data shows that this medication works, how about your patients that have died? You want a double blinded study where people are dying? It’s unethical. So guys, we don’t need to die. There is a cure for COVID.

It’s really time for Americans to wake up and ask themselves why on earth an actual doctor is being bullied and threatened for speaking out about her success treating patients who could have potentially died. The left is out to destroy America and they don’t care how many casualties pile up.

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