Unreal: New Hunter Biden Emails Reveal Huge Bombshell About How He Tried To Cash In On China Using Money Being Held For His Father

(Tea Party 247) – The big news story of the week is without a doubt the newly released emails from what might actually be Hunter Biden’s laptop, which reveal that he introduced his father, Joe Biden, to an executive who worked alongside him at Burisma Holdings, which may have led to the elder Biden abusing the power of the office of vice president, which he then occupied, to pressure the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor investigating that very company.

And, as it turns out, that’s not the only bit of corruption that the Biden family might have been involved with. A report from The Gateway Pundit notes that in 2013, Hunter joined his dad, the vice president, on an official government trip over to China. During this little visit, Hunter — who really shouldn’t have been there — somehow managed to net a rather large sum of money for a private equity fund he was putting together at the time.

How much money? Try $1.5 billion.

Then, two years later, the younger Biden’s company, Bohai Harvest, partnered up with a Chinese military contractor known as Aviation Industry Corporation of China to purchase Henniges Automotive, an American parts manufacturer.

This company, AVIC, is known as a front for the Chinese military. It has earned a reputation for stealing military tech and secrets from the United States military to help them compete with us through the production of fighter jets and unmanned drones.

How many of these kind of deals with China did Hunter Biden help secure for his family? Who knows at this point. Just one is one too many.

Newly released emails published by the New York Post now reveal that Hunter Biden tried to get serious money from China, not only for himself, but for his dad too.

The younger Biden was in pursuit of a very handsome deal with the communist country’s leading private energy companies that would be “interesting for me and my family.”

One of the emails sent to Hunter on May 13, 2017, had a subject line that read “Expectations,” and happened to include some details about “remuneration packages” for six individuals who were involved in an unspecified business venture.

The former vice president’s son was identified as being the “Chair/Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” which was a reference to CEFC China Energy Co., which used to be based in Shanghai.

The pay for this position? It says in the message “850” and also noted some “office expectations” that Hunter had.

You can read some of the message in the image below:

The rest of the email can be seen here.

The Biden family has a well established history of corruption. Joe Biden has used his political power throughout his career to provide opportunities for his family and the success of his children. These emails, if authenticated, prove this to be true.

Just imagine what Biden would do for his son if he gets the power of the Oval Office at his disposal? Hunter will be set for life. No doubt he’ll receive some sort of position in some company somewhere that will pay a handsome salary without any sort of expectation for producing any actual work.

Nepotism is alive and well in the Democratic Party.

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