Video: Crazed Mob Threatens To Tear Down Emancipation Memorial Of Abraham Lincoln; That’s When This Black Female Pastor Sets The Record Straight

(Tea Party 247) – So it seems the “hip” and “cool” new way to protest is to find statues that supposedly represent people or ideas from our nation’s history that you don’t like or agree and either vandalize them beyond recognition or tear them down completely. Because history, apparently, doesn’t matter anymore. Why learn from the past and become better people when you can erase it altogether and pretend it never happened?

Well, a crowd of individuals who seem to buy into that idea whole-heartedly recently decided to gather around the Emancipatioin Memorial in Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Park Tuesday night threatening to gather a large force on Thursday and tear the “motherf***er” down.

However, not everyone who came to the protest was on board with the idea of tearing the monument down. A black female pastor stood up to the crazed mob and told them all that demonizing white people and tearing down statues wasn’t helping the cause.

Here’s more on this from TheBlaze:

WUSA-TV reported that a group called “The Freedom Neighborhood” organized the event, and a speaker was quoted by The Washington Examiner telling the crowd as he stood by the statue of former President Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave, “Thursday at 7pm, we’re tearing this motherf***er down.”

The group wrote in an Instagram notice of the event, “To achieve true justice, we are not working with the police, nor will we seek any relationship with them. In order to create change, we will do so by any means necessary. If you want a revolution, it won’t happen by being peaceful.”

The Emancipation Memorial was built in 1876 and paid for entirely by freed slaves. Famous abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass gave the keynote at the monument’s dedication ceremony.

But the memorial is seen as controversial because it shows Lincoln standing over the freed slave. Critics say that depiction gives the insinuation of a white man having superiority over a black man.

It really doesn’t matter what a person’s interpretation of the statue is. What it really stands for in its historical context is what matters, and in this case, those who commissioned it saw it as a monument to what Lincoln accomplished and how it advanced the cause of liberty and equality for all individuals.

Those who see this as a symbol of oppression do so because that is what they are looking to see. It’s what they want the monument to mean so they can justify ripping it down. Behavior of that nature is nothing more than hysterics, and it’s incredibly shameful.

Protesters were not willing to hear voices against tearing down the statue on Tuesday. A white woman took the floor in favor of keeping the monument in place, attempting to explain that it was used for educational purposes for Emancipation Day. She was shouted down.

Another woman also braved the crowd and was shouted down, but was able to get her voice heard. Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson posted footage of part of her message, reporting, “Black female pastor is very upset at organizers of the tear down Lincoln movement. Is very upset at the organizers for judging people by their skin color — says this statue tear down movement is not helping.”

He added, “White libs in the audience hiss and sneer at her as she walks away.”

How sad is it that the only thing the protesters want is destruction? If they cared about equality, they’d be all for having discussions concerning the perceived hate they have witnessed or experienced and how we might do better to combat that on a cultural level.

Instead, they want to commit violent, angry acts of rebellion. Could the whole thing just be an excuse to indulge inner urges for this sort of behavior? It certainly seems like it.