Wait Til You Hear What This VA State Senator Told Police Just Hours Before Toppled Statue Put Man In A Coma

(Tea Party 247) – On Wednesday, protestors in Portsmouth, Virginia tore down a bronze Confederate statue which promptly fell on a man leaving him in a coma. The man has been identified as Black Lives Matter protestor Chris Greene and thanks to the protestors riotous and criminal activity he is now critically ill in the hospital with a split open skull.

We can’t help but point out that as soon as it was discovered that someone had been seriously injured by the falling statue a video of the incident seems to show the help of the police being more than welcome. But sure, let’s defund and do away with the police. I digress.

It has now emerged that Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas had earlier scolded police and instructed them to stand down so that protestors could destroy the statues and any other city property they apparently felt compelled to destroy.

Newswars reports:

A video clip shows Senator Lucas wearing a full face covering as she tells the crowd that the police cannot intervene because the monument is on city property.

“This is city property! I’m Louise Lucas! They cannot arrest them because the city owns this property, they been paying for that!” she says. “Come July 1 they can take it down anyway. These police officers cannot arrest them for standing on city property, so I’m gonna stand right here and see what’s gonna happen.”

Lucas then reveals her face to police before continuing.

“This is city property and [Mayor] John Rowe knows it, [City Manager] Dr. Patton knows it. And if they’d have listened to the Vice Mayor and Shannon Glover when they introduced [removing] this [statue] thing to the City Council in the first place they could’ve put a tarp over this thing and all of this would’ve been resolved it wouldn’t even have been necessary. So if the city had done what they were supposed to do these citizens wouldn’t have to do it. So there you go!”

She then openly incites the mob to take down the statue, telling them, “Go ahead wreck it!”

Despite Portsmouth Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke telling the mob that the city council would be meeting to determine the statue’s fate, almost certainly resulting in its removal, Lucas escalated the situation, asserting, “But this is city property and anybody who pays taxes in this city got a right to be on their property. To hell with city council!”

“That’s alright, the city has had 3 years to cover it, y’all cover it!” she added.

The crowd then shouted “you heard her!” before the statue was targeted later that evening and Greene was left fighting for his life.

The council would have almost certainly decided to remove the statue anyway, but because the mob couldn’t wait a few weeks and wanted to carry out their ritualistic destruction of America’s heritage, a man is now on the verge of death.

Thanks to Louise Lucas and her incitement to violence and riots, a man has been critically injured. Had she acted like a responsible state representative and adult and encouraged the protesters to use peaceful, legal means to accomplish their goals the whole incident could have been avoided.