Watch: Antifa, BLM Mob Go Absolutely Wild In Chicago, Target Police And This Massive Statue

(Tea Party 247) – Lawlessness is apparently here to stay in the streets of the United States.

As Americans continue to cope with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing breaches of civil liberties that are coming about as a result, those with no regard or respect for the law are using the opportunity wreak havoc on what’s left of civil society.

In Chicago on Friday night, Black Lives Matter and Antifa hooligans stormed the Columbus statue, vandalizing it and attempting to pull it down with ropes.

As Chicago Police attempted to take control of the area, they then moved in and took control of the area.

They swarmed law enforcement, hurling frozen bottles, sticks, cans, rocks, and even fireworks at them.

The footage coming out of the windy city was insane.

According to Fox News, 18 police officers were injured in the clashing.

This is the new normal, apparently.