Watch: Black Man Renders “Woke” BLM Health Care Workers Silent With These Five Words

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter is a politically toxic movement that seeks to amplify their own cause by holding the words “black lives matter” hostage to their far-left, radical ideology.

In reality, however, they promote policies that hurt, rather than help black people.

Particularly black babies in the womb.

Abortion hurts not just the innocent, precious life it dismembers, but the women and men who are hurt by it.

Black Lives Matter is not only staunchly pro-abortion, they are also fawned over by the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood.

If you believe “black lives matter,” then Planned Parenthood is where you should protest, where 247 black babies are aborted every day.

A black man recently confronted a gaggle of “woke” healthcare workers showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter with this very moral quandry.

And his question had them silent.

“Do aborted black babies matter?”

As LifeSite News scathingly explains:

Abortion is the leading killer of black lives in America outnumbering the top 15 causes of death—combined. But we’re supposed to celebrate this as some perverse form of justice? In fact, they have a name for it—reproductive justice. So, when more black babies are aborted in NYC (the home of Planned Parenthood) than born alive, it’s not racism; it’s feminism. We’re supposed to pretend that the reportedly ubiquitous “white supremacy” that allegedly stains every facet of American life doesn’t apply to an industry, birthed in eugenic racism, which disproportionately kills black and brown lives?

Fannie Lou Hamer considered abortion to be genocide in the black community. She had no love for Planned Parenthood. In her speech, America is Sick and Man is on the Critical List, she says unambiguously: “I’ll tell you the next thing that I don’t buy. I don’t buy distributing birth control pills and legalizing abortion, because they’re talking about us! If you want to abortionize somebody, do it to yourself because I’m going to try to keep the children.”

But minority-led pro-abortion groups use her name to further their “reproductive justice” charade. How do you use a pro-life woman, who was an adoptive mama, as a voice for the violence of abortion?


Progressives depend on reinventing history and language to contort and distort. No matter the issue for the Left, confusion is a virtue and clarity is a vice.