Watch: BLM Activists Terrorize Strangers, Shout “F*** The White People!” In This Major U.S. City

(Tea Party 247) – In their continued effort to apparently just piss off Americans to the point of an utter lack of sympathy for their causes, Black Lives Matter activists harassed and screamed at a bunch of strangers trying to eat their meals in Pittsburgh, PA over Labor Day weekend.

This is not how you change hearts and minds, people.

In video of the chilling and infuriating incident, one activist can be seen screaming at white patrons to a downtown restaurant on Saturday.

Through a bullhorn.

“You are an embarrassment!” he yells.

“F*ck 12 and the f*ck white people who built the system …!” screams another activist at an elderly couple, who was certain to lay down all their most deeply-held beliefs and fully embrace critical race theory right then and there, surely.

(“12,” BizPac Review notes, is a reference to law enforcement).

The activist then laughed in the couple’s face, flipped them off, and walked away, no doubt commencing their period of deep personal moral change.

Or, more realistically, ensuring these voters will likely be pulling the lever for Trump in November.

Seriously, what do these psychotic terrorists hope to accomplish?!

One woman, who took a beer from someone’s table and then chugged it, proudly donned a shirt that said, “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter.” Now, who this woman actually considers a Nazi is of pretty great significance, and, based on her behavior, that would be anyone who doesn’t agree with her radical politics.

BPR notes:

Of course, being a Trump supporter is enough for the left to tag you as a Nazi, and as was seen last week in Portland, being a supporter of the president can get you killed in post-Obama America.

As BLM protesters marched in the street behind them chanted, “No justice, no peace,” the thug who verbally assaulted the elderly white couple is seen slamming his hand on a table next to them. Glasses sitting on the table broke as they fell to the ground.

In another video of the Pittsburgh incident, a man was struck in the head with a skateboard. Weirdly, he had appeared to be marching with the group, so why he was assaulted is unclear.

Meanwhile, diners in Rochester, NY were attacked by their local group of violent radicals, who flipped tables, threw chairs, and screamed at white patrons.”

“Black Lives Matter!” and “We’re shutting the party down!” the thugs screamed.

A whole other batch of Trump supporters was born that evening, no doubt.

BPR also notes:

There was also a recent incident in Washington, D.C., where BLM activists gathered around a white woman as she sat outside a diner.

The protesters demanded that the woman raise her fist in solidarity with the violent movement as they chanted, “White silence is violence,” and “No justice, no peace!”

The irony of white people being targeted was noted by Brandon Straka, who’s behind the #WalkAway movement encouraging Democrats to leave the party.

As noted in the tweet below, Straka said BLM “is the oppressor, not the victims.”

Straka found himself being attacked by BLM protesters Saturday in Dallas — he called the assault “the most terrifying moment of my life.”

BPR provided a number of examples from Twitter as to why people are being so repelled by this violent movement: