Watch: BLM Protester Has Spectacular Meltdown…You’ve Got To See This

(Tea Party 247) – It’s very tricky of this movement known as Black Lives Matter to brand themselves using the phrase “black lives matter.”

While virtually every decent American agree that “black lives matter,” the group itself has many, many issues.

Case in point? Trying to destroy the Emancipation monument:

As Red State explains:

The man this crazed woman is verbally assaulting is dressed as Frederick Douglass, who spoke at the dedication of the Emancipation memorial in Lincoln Park. Protestors gathered again last night to demand it’s removal. The statue itself was paid for by freed slaves to honor the man that won the Civil War.

But none of that matters to this woman and those protesting along side her. They are selfish children, so enamored with their own warped world-view that they’d actually spit on the legacy of freed slaves by attempting to destroy a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Get it? This highly privileged protester’s feelings are now more important than the freed slaves who paid for the monument. That’s the kind of irony and idiocy being brought on by the intersectionalist ideology of BLM.

Some will say I’m typecasting a broader movement that doesn’t necessarily agree with BLM as an organization, but that’s not really how it works.

Let’s say there was a racist, anti-Semitic organization that opposed tearing down Confederate statues. Now, let’s say that group has a slogan they created and that they repeat over and over. If even non-racist people against the removal of those statues for differing reasons started using that slogan and extolling that organization as a force for good, what would happen? The latter group would immediately be lumped in with the former group as racists.

The same is true of BLM when it comes to any tacit support of their leadership. I’m not going to use their slogan or extol the “general” good of an organization that wants to abolish the police, says they are anti-capitalist, espouses black supremacy, commits acts of violence, tears down statues of Founding Fathers, and supports anti-Semitic causes. That’s my conviction. I do not want to be connected with such a group in any way.

What’s crazy is that mainstream corporate America, instead of taking the views and feelings of mainstream America, is falling in lockstep with the views of these far-left radicals.