Watch: Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Actually Cut Away From A Live Trump Speech To Do This…

(Tea Party 247) – Fox News host Neil Cavuto has been a longtime and outspoken critic of President Trump. We don’t advocate for or agree with any news channel featuring only lockstep supporters of the President (or lockstep critics either) but Cavuto likes to pretend to be unbiased and “fair and balanced” in his reporting but oftentimes goes on tangents in which he makes it very clear he’s probably voting for Joe Biden.

There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with the President but Donald Trump is, nonetheless, the President of the United States and is due, therefore, a certain measure of respect especially from the news outlets and journalists who are supposed to be covering the news.

So, it was shocking when on Thursday, Neil Cavuto cut away from a speech given by President Trump on deregulation, especially when viewers are tuning in to know what the President is doing and saying.

We are currently living in unprecedented times of government regulation, control, and oversight and viewers of Fox News are generally supportive of the President so if the President is speaking, let viewers hear what he has to say.

To add insult to injury, Cavuto interrupted the live coverage of the speech to fact-check the President’s claims that former President Barack Obama had enacted “job-destroying regulations.”

Cavuto said, “I do want to clarify a couple of things he said, that no president in history has cut regulations as much as he has. That is true. I think he might have mischaracterized the regulations that were added under Barack Obama — they were largely financial related. You might recall we had this little thing called the financial meltdown. and much of those regulations were geared to preventing banks from ever investing in things like risky mortgage securities, pooling them, selling them off.”

He continued, “The unemployment rate did, under Barack Obama, go down from a high of 10% to around 4.7%. President Trump, of course, sent that even lower, eventually getting us down to a 3.5% unemployment rate. But I didn’t want to leave you with the impression that during those eight years when Obama first came into office, and we were bleeding about a million jobs a month that that was standard fare and that characterized the whole eight years.”

He added, “It was not a disaster under Barack Obama. Not only did the Dow essentially triple during his tenure, but whether you want to call the increase regulations and other things that police financial companies, as a bane to our existence, those companies did very well. Americans did very, very well. So I just want to put that in some context here.”

Americans did well, but they weren’t doing great like they had been doing under Trump until the convenient coronavirus pandemic hit our shores. Americans may have been doing “well” under Obama but race tensions were starting to brew because of Obama’s nonstop racial virtue-signaling. The economy was average under Obama but social issues began on the slippery slopes they are now spiraling down today. While Americans were doing “well” economically, Obama was touring the world slamming the very country he was leading and pandering to our enemies like China. We won’t even get started on Obamagate.

Obama caused irreparable damage to our country in many other forms outside of the economy, which was fine, not great, so maybe next time the President is giving a speech that Americans watching Fox News want to hear, let him speak, Neil.