Watch: If You Thought You Were Serious About Social Distancing Wait Till You See This Loon

(Tea Party 247) – Social distancing is really actually a pretty easy thing to accomplish. Introverts have been doing it for literally ever. If you don’t want to be around other humans, simply avoid places other humans go. Don’t overthink it.

If you are concerned with people violating your 6 foot bubble of coronavirus safety, you should consider avoiding places where there might be a lot of people. It’s the middle of the summer and people who are not so concerned with social distancing are hitting popular summer spots like beaches, lakes, and state and national parks. If you prefer people to stay away, maybe stay home.

Here’s a story that shows what can happen when people go out to popular places but are not prepared for other humans to be present. Summit News reports on a disturbing encounter one woman had with another enraged woman while visiting a lake.

Summit News:

A video clip posted to TikTok shows a woman holding a tape measure screeching hysterically as she appears to be upset with beachgoers for not adhering to proper social distancing.

The woman screams something unintelligible before shouting “F*** you! Get out of here!” at other people who appear to have gathered near a lake or a beach.

The protagonist is wildly flailing around a tape measure she is holding as a man tries to restrain her.

“It’s people like you that are ruining it for all of us!” she yells.

According to respondents on Twitter who translated comments made by the woman filming the video, the screeching lady is upset at the others for being too close and not properly social distancing.

Others suggested that the woman was upset because she was trying to “measure something” and loud music was preventing her from concentrating.

Either way, the woman filming the video says that she just wanted to have a “tranquil” day with her family.

This looks like another case of a social distancing Karens gone wild.

This is exactly why the government has no right or authority to dictate the way in which Americans should “protect” our individual health. It gives people like the loon in the video the faux authority to yell at, demean, and be otherwise downright nasty to anyone around them who they feel are “breaking the rules.”

What makes America such a wonderful place is the “live and let live” philosophy that has prevailed for decades. Now, thanks to control-freak leftists, we’re free to live as we please as long as they approve. If you offend a leftist or break a “rule” you are subject to their wrath, as evidenced by the video.

The truth is, if the crazy, screeching woman in the video is so concerned with “social distancing” that she feels compelled to carry around a tape measure for the purpose of chastising anyone who gets too close to her only to have a meltdown that would make a three-year-old blush, she really should stay home.

The woman in the video ironically highlights a much less discussed pandemic happening all across America: mental illness.

If social distancing is your thing, stay home, Karen.