Watch: Radical Marxist BLM Protest Leader Makes Chilling Call To Arms

(Tea Party 247) – In case you had any doubt that the radical group Black Lives Matter was Marxist, a protest in London over the weekend provided some chilling evidence that is likely to quell any doubts.

In a video obtained by Breitbart News, a protest leader called for an end to capitalism and the creation of a “black militia” to foment a revolution.

Protesters can be seen in the video dressed in Marxist paramilitary garb complete with berets.

This leader yells to the crowd about how racism “thrives on capitalism”.

They also lead chants of “take it to the streets… fuck the police” and “no justice, no peace.”

“The police is no different from the KKK. They stand around and protect statues and buildings instead of people,” she declares.

Further, and quite oddly it must be noted, she also declares that “They need to join the local council and litter pick too.”

I’m not British so I don’t know if a failure of local law enforcement to pick up litter is a severe problem in London or perhaps this woman is just a bit confused.

Confused, but dangerous:

She continues, calling for the formation of a “Black Militia”.

“I’m not saying it because I want people to fear and think we’re coming violent,” she said.

“What we’re saying is: you push we push, you fight we fight. Peace is not peace until you recognise our life, and we’re not gonna lay down anymore,” she added.

She declares there to be “one solution: revolution!”

The activist also denied that the Black Lives Matter movement is anti-semitic for supporting Free Palestine.

Confusingly, she went on to declare that “Don’t let no Jewish man create a way to be unheard, to make you unheard. Silence is violence, if we keep silent we are also a part of that oppression.”

Marx, who was no ardent multiculturalist, quite inconveniently wasn’t too fond of Jews or blacks, as it so happens: