WH Reporter Proves Just How Low-Down Leftists Really Are With This Shameful Tweet After Robert Trump’s Funeral

(Tea Party 247) – Leftists truly are depraved humans. The irony is that they claim to be the party of “love” and one of their favorite slogans is “love wins!” For a group of people who claim to be loving they sure don’t act like it.

They despise President Trump and have spent the last four years trolling his every move. As if that isn’t bad enough, it gets even worse. After the death of President Trump’s brother, Robert, leftists showed just how soulless and unloving they truly are.

Leftists began using the hashtag #wrongtrump to indicate their disappointment with the fact that it was Robert Trump who passed instead of President Trump. How disgusting is that?

Following the funeral of Robert Trump, the President tweeted, “Robert, I Love You. Rest In Peace!” only to be mocked by a sniveling leftist reporter who was just looking for an opportunity to get cheers from fellow “loving” liberals.

About 10 minutes after President Trump’s tweet, White House correspondent, Andrew Feinberg, who works for London-based outlet The Independent, posted a now-deleted tweet saying, “Not sure twitter works in the hereafter.”

It’s hard to believe anybody can be such cold-hearted dolt but we should never underestimate the hatred of leftists. Nonetheless, Feinberg’s tweet drew no small amount of outrage and condemnation.

“This is not acceptable,” Tim Murtaugh, the Trump reelection campaign’s communications director, wrote in a post that included a screengrab of Feinberg’s tweet.

“Absolutely disgusting!” Deputy White House Press Secretary Judd Deere added.

After being called out, Feinberg only doubled down on his shameful sentiment and actually had the nerve to clap back at Murtaugh and Deere, acting as if he was unjustly attacked.

“Hi, Tim. You know full well how to reach me if have a problem with something I’ve written, and had you chosen to do so, I’d have been happy to address this. What’s unacceptable is you firing up your campaign’s harassment machine instead of acting like an adult,” Feinstein wrote in another tweet that has also since been deleted.

“You *definitely* know how to reach me if you have a problem, Judd. Because you and your colleagues have approached me about such matters before — and you know I’ve been responsive — it’s clear that your intent here is to direct harassment, not express any legitimate concerns,” he wrote in response to Deere, a tweet that he deleted as well.

Not only does Feinberg clearly lack a soul he also lacks a backbone. He knew his tweets were out of line and that’s why he deleted them. He could have just manned-up after he was called out for the first one and apologized. It would have at least showed he wasn’t completely devoid of integrity and character. Feinberg is a typical leftist.

The left had the opportunity to show that they aren’t all truly depraved and hateful. They could have acted like mature adults and expressed their condolences for the President but instead they chose to continue acting like the petulant children they really are. Absolutely shameful.