What BLM Militants Just Did To This Mexican Family During Their Birthday Party For 3-Year-Old Is Totally Vile

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter militants have proven over the last year that they aren’t really all that interested in equality or peace. What they want is domination. Individuals in this group want to become a protected class, to basically have more rights than everyone else. And if that’s not enough, they believe they are entitled to have what their hearts desire, that they are owed something by everyone.

Black Lives Matter is an organization that is the very definition of “entitlement thinking.”

And if you don’t think they should be able to do anything listed above, they label you a racist and attempt to either physically assault you or burn your home or business to the ground. This isn’t a peaceful organization, despite what mainstream media outlets tell you.

And what BLM did to a Mexican family throwing a birthday party for their 3-year-old proves how vile they really are.

Via Newswars:

Shocking video out of Texas shows a pair of Black Lives Matter agitators trespassing onto a Mexican family’s birthday party and destroying their property.

The Houston family had been celebrating their 3-year-old’s birthday when the BLM militants entered the apartment complex property to overturn their tables and chairs.

The mother described the assault in a now-deleted Instagram post, explaining that ultimately she was footed with the bill due to the destruction caused by BLM:

“This is what happened to us last night,” she began. “Minding our own business, they [BLM] had the audacity to start throwing our stuff. No one was bothering them, it was apartment complex property. Apparently they thought they owned everything. Cops came, nothing was done. Now, my family and all have to pay for the damages they did bc all those chairs and tables were rented.”

How disgusting is the behavior of these so-called “freedom fighters?” Folks, was there ever an example of Martin Luther King Jr. doing something like this during his fight for Civil Rights? I don’t think so. But apparently, violence and mayhem is how the modern day “civil rights” movement — which is completely unnecessary — wants to fight against systemic racism.

Which doesn’t exist, by the way. The first Civil Rights movement destroyed that. Which is a very good thing. We all deserve equal respect under the law.

It’s unacceptable to harass people the way this family was. That’s not how you win over hearts and minds. Peaceful protesting is how change is accomplished. If you have a valid cause, then effectively communicating your message in a powerful way that doesn’t involve forceful coercion will go a long, long way toward bringing folks into your group.

Let’s hope BLM learns that lesson sooner or later.