What FDA Boss Just Said About Hydroxychloroquine Will Make Fear Mongering Liberals Foam At The Mouth

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists have been hard at work this week in an attempt to block the message of frontline doctors who are claiming that the drug known as hydroxychloroquine is a powerful treatment — some even say “cure” — for the coronavirus. Apparently, this message threatens the narrative they want pushed that it’s too dangerous to vote in person, thus justifying the call for mail-in voting.

Why go through all of that trouble for mail-in voting? Because it gives the Democratic Party an edge in the election, providing plenty of opportunities to mess with the results to get the outcome they desire. A Biden presidency would spell the end of our current way of life.

Contradicting all of the fear mongering over the drug that liberals keep pushing, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn has said there are a number of medical observational studies that do suggest some sort of benefit from using the medication in treating COVID-19. However, the clinical, randomized trials do not show a benefit.

Here’s more from Just The News:

In spite of Dr. Hahn’s nuanced description of hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 data, however, the agency did not respond to an inquiry from Just the News about whether, in light of this statement, the FDA would withdraw its guidance stating that using hydroxychloroquine for the coronavirus should be avoided “outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial.”

“So the FDA looks at all what we call ‘the totality of data,'” Hahn said in a Tuesday morning radio interview with Florida radio host Drew Steele. “There are observational studies that suggest a benefit. There are five randomized trials that did not show a benefit to hydroxychloroquine, both in the prophylactic setting and in the treatment — both early and late.”

However, Hahn, both in his Tuesday radio interview and in prior public statements, said the FDA “does not regulate the practice of medicine” and thus leaves doctors the option to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 in an “off-label” use.

“We believe that decision about whether a doctor writes for hydroxychloroquine, for a patient with COVID, is completely in the realm of the doctor-patient relationship,” Hahn said Tuesday, “with the doctor understanding what the data show, their comfort level with this drug, and also the other medications and other illnesses that a person has.”

The FDA said in an earlier statement, “Prescribing a product for uses not specifically included in the official labeling is common in the practice of medicine. In oncology and mental health, many patients are treated this way.”

The FDA revoked the emergency use authorization that was issued for use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat the coronavirus back in June. The agency stated that the reason this was done was “based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery.”

There’s so much conflicting information about coronavirus and the possible treatments available to help keep people alive once they contract it that it’s impossible not to feel frustrated by the whole mess. What’s worse, people keep turning this into a political battle, making life and death determinations in order to push forward agendas.

Meanwhile, people get this disease and end up dying from it. It’s insulting the level of politics being played in this pandemic. In reality, the choice to use hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus is one that should be left to doctors and patients without the government in the middle.

Source: justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/fda-boss-some-studies-suggest-benefit-hydroxychloroquine-covid-wont