What Ilhan Omar Said She Wants To Do To The ‘American Economy And Political Systems’ Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists seem to have become very bold over the last few years, but particularly so ever since the disastrous coronavirus pandemic reached the shores of our great nation. We’ve seen hardcore progressive governors engage in gross overreach into the personal lives of individuals, putting a muzzle on liberty and freedom, nearly tanking the economy, all under the guise of keeping us safe from the big, bad coronavirus.

And true, the virus is bad. It’s worth taking seriously. However, it’s clear these people have been using this as an excuse to justify usurping power from the common folk in whose hands that power truly belongs. These governors and other politicians are no longer even hiding their dubious plans. Instead, they are carrying out these acts brazenly, out in the open.

Here’s a prime example from Rep. Ilhan Omar, a liberal with a well established reputation for anti-Semitism.

Omar spoke during a press conference on Tuesday where she discussed systemic racism — a myth much akin to unicorns — with Minnesota leaders, calling for the dismantling of systems of oppression, which apparently includes America’s “economy and political systems.”

Like I said. Brazen.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Omar said, “Right now in Congress the Senate is sitting on a comprehensive bill to transform criminal justice and the policing system. All along with the Congressional Black Caucus, I helped led the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. And because of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, it is being ignored. I guess the president would rather attack the people who are protesting than actually address the issues people are out here protesting for.”

She continued, “We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or police reform for that matter. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, in the air we breathe.”

She added, “The mortality rate for black Minnesotans to COVID is twice as high as it is with other races. And for me, this is very personal because I lost my own father to the coronavirus. I see the pain and the havoc it is wreaking on the black community in Minneapolis. We must recognize that these systems of oppression are linked. As long as our economy and political systems prioritizes profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequity. So we cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

Wait a second. Is she really attempting to say that COVID is racist against blacks? Is Omar actually trying to link a disease to racism through some sort of make believe where individuals of color aren’t receiving the same kind of care or treatment or because they are poor or something of that nature?

This is pure insanity.

It used to be that progressives kept their desires to destroy our nation on the down low, not wanting to alarm folks with their plan to overthrow our capitalistic free market system and replace it with socialism. Not anymore.

People are boldly shouting from the rooftops that it is time for our way of life to be utterly destroyed and replaced with a system that has been tried over and over again throughout history and across cultures and has yet to ever be successful.

That’s because socialism cannot be successful. It violates basic rules of reality. This is something the people in liberal America cannot seem to understand. They think, somehow, they can do things differently and it will work this time. It won’t. It will fail. It’s destined to.

And all that will be left in its wake is pure destruction and oppression. They will create the very monster they think they are fighting right now.

Source: breitbart.com/clips/2020/07/07/ilhan-omar-calls-for-dismantling-of-americas-economy-and-political-systems/