What The Academy Is Now Forcing Films To Have In Order To Receive An Oscar Is Pure PC Garbage

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last few decades we’ve witnessed the complete degradation of the film industry as it has been more and more infected with not only liberalism, but also a deadly form of political correctness that is now smothering the creative life out of any movie that gets pushed out of its gates.

We’ve also watched as the big shots in the film industry have worked tirelessly to no longer produce art, but instead make propaganda that would push the agenda of the Democratic Party, who just so happens to be in bed with a lot of top studio executives and actors.

All of this has caused major film studios and creatives to fall completely out of touch with the American public. This hasn’t stopped the progressive parasites sucking the lifeblood out of one of the most powerful storytelling mediums of all time. In fact, it seems to have caused them to want to push even harder.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has now come up with a set of inclusion standards every movie must adhere to if they want to be considered for an Oscar award.

Via BizPacReview:

Surrendering to the left’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided awards will no longer go to the best movies, actors and production staff, unless the films includes an acceptable representation of people of color.

In an effort to increase representation and inclusion in Hollywood, the Academy has announced a set of diversity requirements for films to be eligible for an Oscar.

In a statement released online, Academy President David Rubin and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson said: “The aperture must widen to reflect our diverse global population in both the creation of motion pictures and in the audiences who connect with them. The Academy is committed to playing a vital role in helping make this a reality. We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting, essential change in our industry.”

Beginning with 2024’s slate of entries, the Academy is limiting Best Picture award nominees to those who meet requirements that “encourage equitable representation on and off screen,” according to Fox News. The goal is to ensure people of color fill more positions on a set, from the starring role to interns and everything in between.

For 2022 and 2023, a confidential Academy Inclusion Standards form is required to be submitted, though there may be some leeway in fully complying with established thresholds.

And, just like good little progressives, Hollywood took cues from Britian and how they handle diversity issues. Because the radical left in our nation is dying for us to become socialist just like their buddies in Europe.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we fight a war against these people so we wouldn’t have to be like them? Why are so many folks working so hard to reverse that fantastic bit of actual progress?

“Academy governors DeVon Franklin and Jim Gianopulos headed a task force to develop the standards that were created from a template inspired by the British Film Institute (BFI) Diversity Standards used for certain funding eligibility in the UK and eligibility in some categories of the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Awards, but were adapted to serve the specific needs of the Academy,” the Academy said in a release. “The Academy also consulted with the Producers Guild of America (PGA), as it presently does for Oscars eligibility.”

Requirements are from four categories, with films being required to adhere to two of the four to be deemed eligible:

– On-screen representation, themes and narratives

– Creative leadership and project team

– Industry access and opportunities

– Audience Development

Films must meet one of three requirements, which are to have at least one lead actor or significant supporting actor from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups — a list of acceptable racial demographics is included, have 30% of all actors in secondary and minor roles from these groups, or that the main storyline, theme or narrative of the film is centered on underrepresented groups.

Entries must also meet one of the following requirements: Two underrepresented groups are represented in creative leadership positions and department heads; film crew and technical positions include six people; or 30% of the film’s overall crew is either women, racial or ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ or people with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing.

And that’s just scratching the surface of the detailed requirements shared.
As for the reaction from rational-minded actors, James Woods responded with just one word: “Madness.”

How can someone make an honest piece of art if there is someone standing over them telling them what they can and can’t have in their stories? There’s no way to challenge the soul with such standards, to provide thought-provoking entertainment that will stimulate conversations on difficult issues. This is what movies helped us do as a society. That’s being destroyed.

Fortunately, there are independent filmmakers who long ago rejected Hollywood and its gatekeepers and are creating their own work, thanks to advancements in technology. It’s easier than ever to make a movie and put it out yourself.

Hollywood has been put on notice. And this is how they responded.

They have killed themselves.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/09/09/madness-academy-announces-new-diversity-inclusion-requirements-to-receive-an-oscar-969886