While The Media Is Mainstreaming Radical Leftist Police “Reform” This Poll Shows Americans Aren’t Buying It

(Tea Party 247) – Since the death of George Floyd legitimate protests have taken place all over the country calling for justice system and police reform. These calls are justifiable in the face of a judicial system that rarely holds their own accountable however some of the calls for “reform” are utterly absurd and impractical.

Take for example Freedom Inc.’s calls for the defunding of the police and the release of all blacks from jails. Their website shared a news story that read, “We demanded, and will continue to demand: defund the police, reparations for all Black people, release all incarcerated Black people from jail, get cops out of schools, and community control over the police.”

Totally reasonable requests. Sure.

Now the media and the left are beginning to mainstream at least one of these outrageous demands: defunding the police. Luckily, people are just not that supportive of the idea.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats have begun embracing calls to “defund” or even “abolish” police departments. But a new YouGov poll shows that only 16% of Americans approve of that — including just 33% of black Americans.

The poll, conducted May 29-30 — before the worst of the rioting in New York, Washington, Santa Monica, and other cities — included 1,060 adults and asked a variety of questions about what kinds of police reform people support.

Defunding the police came dead last. 65% of Americans opposed it. Only 16% of Democrats supported it — the same proportion as Americans overall. The highest proportion of support (25%) was among millennials, ages 30 to 44.

The most popular option was training police to de-escalate conflicts and the use of force, which was favored by 88% of respondents, including 94% of Democrats and 83% of Republicans. Body cameras were also favored widely.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he was cutting up to $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department, more than 10% of its budget, and “reinvesting” funds into “communities of color.”

Garcetti appeared to bow to the demands of left-wing groups, as demonstrators marched in the streets of the boarded-up cities chanting anti-police slogans. Some held signs like “DEFUND LAPD” and “COPS 4 NOT ESSENTIAL.’

The Los Angeles Police Department has been a frequent target of radical protest, though it has reformed significantly since the riots of the early 1990s over the beating of Rodney King and the acquittal of the police officers involved.

If there is to be law and order (which there must be in order to be a civilized society) it cannot exist if we cut out the very institution tasked with implementing it. What do you suppose will happen when the police are no longer getting funding? Lawlessness. Complete and utter chaos. Imagine the rioting when there are no longer police, or just skeletons of former police departments left.

Police departments, mayors, and other officials should not be kowtowing to the demands of radical leftists.

Having an honest discussion about the ways in which the judicial system can better root out “bad cops” is necessary. Forcing the judicial system to hold their own accountable for crimes committed while wearing a badge is necessary. But giving into nonsensical, outrageous demands from radical leftist activists is not the answer and is most definitely not going to produce any positive results for anybody in the US.