White People, Brace Yourselves: First Look At Racist 2020 DNC Party Platform

(Tea Party 247) – The American left has always been the party of racism and white supremacy. This has been evidenced by their constant drafting and support of legislation that is designed to hold back communities of color. The welfare state created by the left has only hurt black communities by creating a situation in which people can actually make more money by staying “broke” and living in single-parent households.

This is all by design because the left hates people of color. Just look at their rabid support for abortion which they have tactfully framed as a “women’s right” issue. Abortion rates are disproportionately higher among blacks, but the left already knows that.

The left has managed to convince blacks, and other people of color, that white conservatives are inherently racist and are therefore evil. So, it’s no surprise to read through the more than 80 pages of the DNC’s first rough draft of their 2020 party platform and find white people mentioned 15 times and all 15 times are negative.

Not only that but other ethnicities like blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans are all capitalized but not “whites.”

The Gateway Pundit combed through the over 80 pages published by Politico and complied this list of the 15 times white people were mentioned:

While the nation elected its first black president in 2008, racial issues still rage, and that is a huge factor in former Vice President Joe Biden’s consideration of a running mate in time for the Democratic National Convention, where the platform will be confirmed.

Below are the 15 references to whites:

  1. We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of bigotry, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or white supremacy.
  2. Median incomes are lower and poverty rates are higher for Black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and some Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, compared to median white households.
  3. And there is a persistent, pernicious racial wealth gap that holds millions of Americans back, with the typical white household holding six times more wealth than the typical Latino family and 10 times more wealth than the typical Black family.
  4. The wage gap between Black workers and white workers is higher today than it was 20 years ago.
  5. It takes a typical Black woman 19 months to earn what a typical white man earns in 12 months — and for typical Latinas and Native American women, it takes almost two years.
  6. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the uninsured rate was nearly three times higher for Latinos and nearly twice as high for Black Americans as it was for whites.
  7. Black children are far more likely than white children to suffer from asthma.
  8. Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and Black Americans are diagnosed with diabetes at higher rates than whites.
  9. Black women are more than three times as likely to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth compared to white women.
  10. President Trump’s words and actions have given safe harbor and encouragement to bigots, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, and white supremacists.
  11. The extreme gap in household wealth and income between people of color — especially Black Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans — and white families is hurting our working class and holding our country back.
  12. We will confront white nationalist terrorism and combat hate crimes perpetrated against religious minorities.
  13. Each year, the United States spends $23 billion more on schools in predominantly white districts than in non-white districts.
  14. We will root out systemic racism from our military justice system, where black service members are twice as likely as white ones to face court-martial.
  15. Our counterterrorism priorities, footprint, and tools should shift accordingly, including to respond to the growing threat from white supremacist and other right-wing terrorist groups.

None of these allegations are backed up by any actual statistics and where statistics are cited, rest assured, those stats are heavily skewed and lacking of a complete picture and any context.

The left are master manipulators and this is just further proof of that. If white people in America were so racist how then did Barack Obama ever get elected…twice?

What a sham.