WHO Director-General Reveals True Ambitions Behind Pushing Coronavirus Pandemic

(Tea Party 247) – Everyone in the world has been effected by COVID-19 and most of us are just bidding our time and waiting it out. It’s got to get better, right? Unfortunately, it looks like it might never get better and we really might be forced into accepting the “new normal.”

The left and progressive institutions like the World Health Organization have been using the “pandemic” to further their globalist agenda essentially from day 1. Not only do they see this as an opportunity to usher in the New World Order but also to move forward with their zealous climate change ambitions.

How many times have we heard progressives say something like, “we can never go back to the way things were” before the virus? Now WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has echoed this sentiment saying that even if there is an effective vaccine developed, the world simply cannot go back to the way things were.

Is it any shock that the leader of one of the most corrupt, progressive organizations in the world says we “can’t go back” to the way things were? Is this really about the COVID-19 virus which 99% of people survive? No, of course not. This is about the radical climate change agenda and control.

“Even if we do have a vaccine, it wouldn’t end the pandemic on its own. We must all learn to manage and control this virus using the tools we have now, and make the adjustments to our daily lives that are needed to keep ourselves and each other safe.”

So, vaccines have been the solution for much more deadly, dangerous diseases like polio, for example, but Tedros wants us all to believe that COVID-19 is so much more of a danger that even with a vaccine we still have to make permanent changes to our daily lives? Could his motives be any more obvious?

Surprisingly, Tedros did admit that long-term lockdowns are not the answer.

“So-called lockdowns enabled many countries to suppress transmission and take the pressure off their health systems. But lockdowns are not a long term solution for any country.

“We do not need to choose between lives and livelihoods or between health and the economy. That’s false choice. On the contrary, the pandemic is a reminder that health and the economy are inseparable.”

Then Tedros got to his real point, connecting the dots between COVID and climate change, despite the fact that the dots don’t really exist.

“We will not, we cannot, go back to the way things were. Throughout history, outbreaks and pandemics have changed economies and societies, this one will be no different.

“In particular, the pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change. The pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be, cleaner skies and rivers.”

And there’s the start of the sales pitch.

The Red State has more:

Tedros was most likely referring to Wuhan, China, and other polluting industrial cities around the world, some of which experienced substantial reductions in air pollution during COVID lockdowns. Wuhan’s lockdown resulted in a 63 percent in reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations, according to one study.

Similar results were seen in other major cities known for high levels of air pollution.

This is where the the dot-connecting by the WHO, the United Nations, and other fanatical climate-crisis pushers comes into play. The solution to the “climate change crisis,” as they see it, can be summed up in two words: wealth redistribution. Even better in four words: massive worldwide wealth redistribution. 

The Red State points out how the “dot-connecting” works using this quote by Ottmar Edenhofer, a leading member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

“Basically, it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization. The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month [July, 2019] is not a climate conference but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.

“First of all, developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. Thus the developers of coal and oil should pay reparations in the form of global carbon emission rights and taxes.

“The Cancun agreement set up a “Green Climate Fund” to administer assistance to poor nations suffering from floods and drought due to global warming. The European Union, Japan and the United States have led pledges of $100 billion per year for poor nations up to 2020, plus $30 billion in immediate assistance.”

Anybody remember the 2017 Paris Climate Agreement that Donald Trump wisely withdrew the United States from? Under the Paris agreement, developed countries, namely the US, pledged to provide funding and technical support to “developing countries” like India and China that would assist with emissions reductions.

India and China.

So, the US is supposed to funnel billions, possibly trillions, of dollars into India and China all in an effort to “reduce emissions.” Sounds like a lot more going on here than just concern for the climate. The agreement further goes on to exempt China from achieving its emissions reduction goals until the year 2030.

The Red State concluded, “And there it is. COVID. Worldwide wealth redistribution. All makes sense now, doesn’t it? As Rahm Emanuel infamously said, ‘You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.’”