Why Didn’t Twitter Censor This? Shawn King Makes Insane Threat To Innocent Kenosha Police Officers

(Tea Party 247) – The riots continue in Kenosha, Wisconsin for a second night following a police shooting on Sunday.

Several businesses, already struggling following the coronavirus pandemic, of course, have been completely destroyed.

Protesters have been throwing projectiles at police.

Looters continue to rage through the city.

This all lies at the feet of the radical Democratic Party, who have allowed far-left violence to become normalized and instead glorified it as “mostly peaceful” important “anti-racism” protests.

They’re destroying their own party like the rioters are destroying these cities.

Enter Shaun King, who decided to throw gasoline on the fire.

He’s calling for more violence.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Earlier this week Shaun King called for more violence and the dismantling of all police in America.

On Tuesday night BLM leader Shaun King threatened the Kenosha police and outed a member of the police department so they he could be hunted down by the violent left.

This is very dangerous behavior that is allowed by Twitter.

Conservative users are regularly censored, banned and shut down on Twitter for nothing remotely as dangerous as Shaun King’s antics.

President Trump’s Twitter account is routinely censored for truthful statements on Twitter.

Shaun King is putting lives in danger.

This is allowed by Twitter if you have the “correct” political beliefs.

Chuck Ross added that this in not the first time for Shaun King!