Portland BLM-Antifa Terrorists Make Threats To Residents As They Move Out To Other Parts Of City

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Nancy Pelosi Confirms China Wants Biden But Don’t Worry, It’s Russia Who We Have To Worry About…

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Actress Jurnee Smollett Makes Hilarious Defense Of Her Hate Hoaxer Brother…Do They Really Expect Us To Believe This?

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Sick: Antifa Activists Caught On Video Hurling Disgusting Racist Insults At Black, Brown Trump Supporters

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Sick: Cher Makes Disgusting Accusation Against Trump, Claims He’s “Torturing And Killing”…What Planet Is She Living On?!

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Tragic: Convicted Rapist Released From Jail Because Of COVID Concerns, Now Look Where His Victim Is…

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Pelosi Throws Tantrum During PBS Interview When Asked Unbiased Question Over COVID-19 Relief Package Negotiations

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UK: Death Toll For Lockdown Related Deaths Nearly Match COVID Death Toll

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Actor Seth Rogen “Actively” Atoning For His Whiteness With This Woke Plan To Fight Racism In Hollywood

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President Trump Makes Ominous, Cryptic Statement During Ohio Speech; Here’s What He Said

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Matt Gaetz Asks Burning Question: Why Isn’t The DOJ Doing This To Stop Social Media Election Meddling?

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What Could End Up Happening With Minneapolis Police By The End Of The Year Should Have Residents Extremely Worried

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Chicago College Students Prove Liberalism Is A Mental Illness With New Demand For School Concerning Police

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Local Govts Make Yet Another Massive Power Grab Thanks To Coronavirus; Here’s What They’re Allowed To Do Now

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Michigan And Nevada Have Now Declared ‘Racism’ A ‘Public Health Crisis.’ This State Might Soon Join Them.

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FBI Raids US Company With Very Fishy Ties To Hunter Biden And Burisma

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Sen. Kennedy Basically Just Told Sally Yates She Was Dumber Than A Rock, And It Was Hilarious

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Black Lives Matter Insists Black People Want The Police Defunded But Check Out What This New Poll Says…

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US Senate Receives Chilling Warning: Is Antifa Winning?

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Rand Paul Slams Anthony Fauci For This Glaring Double-Standard Towards State Governors

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Producer From This Major News Network Resigns: “We Are A Cancer And There Is No Cure”

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The Police Had To Rescue A Pig From Portland Protesters…But What The Thugs Had Planned To Do With It Will Make You Sick

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Poll Reveals Which Candidate Voters Believe Will Restore “Law And Order” In November…Is This What You Guessed?

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Did AG Barr Just Reveal Another Obama-Biden Scandal? This Is Insane!

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Oops! Texas Health Officials Forced To Correct Over 200 Deaths Being “Mistakenly” Attributed To COVID

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Former Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Gives Fox Host Maria Bartiromo The Typical Leftist Run Around Over Obama Spying

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Canadian Medical Official Issues Warning On Mass COVID-19 Testing But Is Anyone Listening?

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Austin Police Have Chilling Warning About What Antifa Terrorists May Be Planning Downtown

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Tick Tock…For TikTok? Trump Gives Huge Hint About Plans For Chinese Social Media App

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Insane: You Won’t Believe How Much Homicide Has Increased In Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

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Doctor Behind “America’s Frontline Doctors” Fired…But Plans To Hit Back…Hard

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NYC Still Stricken With Rising Violence, While Useless de Blasio Does This

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Harvard Poll Showing Chinese Citizens Overwhelmingly Support CCP Has Very, Very Dirty Secret

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What FDA Boss Just Said About Hydroxychloroquine Will Make Fear Mongering Liberals Foam At The Mouth

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The End Is Nigh: Zuckerberg Speaks Truth While Other Big Tech CEO’s Go Soft On China Thievery

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Tommy Robinson Goes Into Exile In Light Of Arson Attack; Check Out Who He Suspects Is Responsible

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Must See: America’s Frontline Doctors Hold “White Coat Summit” To Give Us The Truth About COVID-19

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Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. For Sharing This Viral Video That Every American Needs To See

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Children Need To Be Able To Go Back To School, Here’s The Proof That It’s Very Low-Risk

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What This New Video Reveals Antifa Throwing At Federal Courthouse Is Proof They Are A Terrorist Group

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Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference Terrifies Big Tech Companies; How They Responded Says It All

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Check Out What The Portland Mayor, Who Previously Gave Feds The Bird, Is Now Demanding As The City Is In A ‘State Of Armed Insurrection’

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Seattle Radio Host Mocks Trump’s Reaction To Protests; Now Look What He’s Saying After Starbuck Below His Apartment Gets Destroyed

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The Heat Is On: Virgin Islands Attorney General Issues These 15 Sweeping Subpoenas Into “Epstein Enterprise”

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Check Out What CNN Just Forced Sinclair Broadcast Group To Do To Interview With ‘Plandemic’ Author

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White People, Brace Yourselves: First Look At Racist 2020 DNC Party Platform

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A Black Special Ed Teacher Who Posted Disturbing Social Media Comment Meets Justice

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The Left Endlessly Mocked President Trump’s Space Force But Look What Russia Just Did

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Another US County Makes This Absurd Mask Mandate. When Will Enough Be Enough?

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Shocking Video Emerges From American Airport Showing Violent Attack On White Couple. Guess Who The Assailants Are….

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Legendary Comedian John Cleese Slams Cancel Culture Run By “Emotionally Unstable, & Fragile People”

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The Media Insists Joe Biden Is Beating Trump In The Polls But Check Out These Record-Breaking Facts

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Oops! Google “Glitch” Reveals This Dirty Little Secret The Leftist Tech Company Thought They Had Hid

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Watch: What Every Single Yankees, Nationals Player And Coach Just Did During The National Anthem

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Judge Just Unsealed Critical Ghislaine Maxwell Documents, But Delays Release; Here’s Why

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Raging Anti-Semite Rapper Ice Cube Opened His Mouth And Something Utterly Ridiculous Flew Out; Here’s What He Says Hollywood Owes Black People

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Is It Really True Liberals Can’t Seem To Move On From 2016 Election? New Hulu Series Is Proof The Answer Is Yes

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Watch: If You Thought You Were Serious About Social Distancing Wait Till You See This Loon

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Gets Floored In Epic Way For Trump Comment…By The Left

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Turkish Drilling Incursion Has Greek Military On High Alert; Check Out What The Top Trend Is Now On Greek Twitter

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Red Bull Gives You Wings And Here’s Why You Need To Stock Up On The Iconic Energy Drink

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Bombshell: Prosecutor’s Office Tampered With The McCloskey’s Firearms?!

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The Latest MLB Team To Applaud Their Players’ Anthem Kneeling

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Oops: “Liberal Sherpa” Accuses Tucker Carlson Of Sexual Harassment…But Her Twitter Profile Cases Serious Doubt On Allegations

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US Shuts Down China’s Houston Consulate; Here’s What They’re Considering As Retaliation

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Here’s Why Joe Biden’s America Will Be Catastrophic For Americans

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Opens The Door For Communist Indoctrination Of Public School Children

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Office Pool: How Long Will Ghislaine Maxwell Survive In Prison? Here’s What Maxwell Herself Thinks…

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Health Official In Texas Says County Has Seen “Surge” In Cases Among Infants…There’s Only One Problem…

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That’s Weird: Why Did Pelosi Just Remind Us She’s Second In Line For The Presidency?

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Must-See: Rogue Drone Pilot Captures Chilling Footage Of CCP’s Cruel Human Rights Abuses

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You’ll Never Guess What Leftist Activists Think About New Jobs Website For Regular, Non-Activist Americans

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Catholics Decry “Week Of Vandalism And Fires” After This Shocking Trend…Were You Aware?

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The Rioting Continues In Portland As Antifa And Black Lives Matter Escalate Violent Attacks

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AG Bill Barr Blasts Hollywood, Silicon Valley For CCP Appeasement And Twitter Immediately Does This

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Terry Crews Blasts Leftist Black Lives Matter Outrage Mob And Says This About The KKK…

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Why This Decaying Oil Tanker In Yemen Could Lead To A Disaster “Four Times Worse Than Exxon Valdez Disaster”

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Watch: Antifa, BLM Mob Go Absolutely Wild In Chicago, Target Police And This Massive Statue

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Another Historic Church In Paris Burning, Here’s What Police Suspect This Time

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Former NYPD Commissioner Has Some Choice Words For AOC’s Dismissal Of Crime In New York…You’ve Got To See This

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MSNBC Finally Has The Proof That President Trump Is A Racist! Trump’s Niece Drops This “Stunning” Bombshell

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Proves How Classless She Is By Calling Kayleigh McEnany Derogatory Name; Here’s What She Said

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What Georgia Governor Is Doing To Combat Atlanta Mask Order Is Going To Make Him A Legend

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The Amount Of Cash James Murdoch And His Wife Dropped In Biden Campaign’s Coffers Is Huge; What Does This Say About Fox News?

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Watch: Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Actually Cut Away From A Live Trump Speech To Do This…

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What Happened To Tech CEO Fahim Saleh In NYC Will Chill You To The Bone

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NYT Jill Abramson Tells Harris Faulkner, ‘If You Dish It Out, You Have To Be Ready To Take It,’ And Gets Totally Obliterated For It

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DOJ Spokeswoman Completely Annihilates Portland Mayor Over Protesters Running Amok In City

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Trump Admin Takes Major Step Against CDC And Their Control Over COVID-19 Data; Liberals Will Lose Their Minds

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America’s Favorite Loser States That Mail-In Voting Couldn’t Possibly Be Fraudulent While Accusing Republicans Of This

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The Jig Is Up: Fox 35 Investigation Reveals Shocking Truth About Florida COVID-19 Case Numbers

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State Troopers Just Made Chilling Demand Of State Amid Lawlessness In NYC

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Ghislaine Maxwell Is…Married?! Here’s What She Is Refusing To Say About Her Secret Husband

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Watch: Radical Marxist BLM Protest Leader Makes Chilling Call To Arms

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Ha! AOC Stupidly Claims That People “Need To Shoplift” To Pay Rent…Gets Fact-Checked And Blasted By Gov. Cuomo!

(Tea Party 247) – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) big mouth is getting her in trouble again, but this time, her own side is fed up with her ...Read More

As Crime Rises 130% In NYC, de Blasio Cares More About Virtue Signaling Than Keeping The City Safe

(Tea Party 247) – It was bad enough that shameless New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio prioritize the painting of a massive “Black Lives Matter” mur ...Read More

NYPD Searches For Man Suspected In This Heinous Hate Crime…Do Jewish Lives Matter?

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The Explosive Reason The Deep State In A Panic Over Roger Stone Commutation

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George Soros Pouring Millions Into The Movement Destroying America

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Yet Another Deadly Weekend In Chicago. This Is Not “Justice,” Mayor Lightfoot

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats would like you to think that the real threat to black lives is Trump supporters and policemen. The Trump administra ...Read More

Huge: The FBI Knew That Michael Flynn Was Innocent. Here’s Proof.

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You Won’t Believe What Police Have Done To St. Louis Couple Who Defended Their Home Against “Peaceful” BLM Protesters

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Do Black Lives Really Matter To Mayor Lori Lightfoot As Chicago Sees This Insane Surge In Gun Violence?

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Lady Antebellum Changes Name Because…Racism. Now They’re Suing A Black Singer. Oh, The Irony.

(Tea Party 247) – In an attempt to be as woke and self-deprecating as possible in 2020 America, country band Lady Antebellum made the announcement ...Read More

Republican House Rep. Calls Out “Repugnant” Army Handout That Claims “MAGA” Is Evidence Of This…

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Dead Cats Tell No Tales But This Story Is Further Proof That Mail-In Voting Would Be An Utter Disaster

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Huge: Cable News Doctor Who “Had Coronavirus” Is Exposed As A Fraud! Here’s What We Know

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Huge: Case In UK Uncovers Explosive New Details Of FBI Abuse In Russia Probe

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Make China Maoist Again? Communist Regime Revives This Chilling Censorial Practice

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Mindless BLM Drones Vandalize Statue Outside Black Church In Indiana; Guess What The Statue Was Of

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President Trump Will Be Thrilled By What The Supreme Court Just Decided About His Tax Returns

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Brazilian President Just Delivered Excellent News About His Health; Haters Of Hydroxychloroquine Will Not Be Pleased

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President Trump Finally Reveals The Real Reason Seattle Mayor Took Down CHOP Zone

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America Is So Lacking In Racism Another Guy Had To Make Up A Hate Crime; Here’s What We Know So Far

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This Radical Policy Proposal By Biden And Sanders Will Open The Flood Gates At America’s Borders

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Burger King Panders To LGBT For Pride Month With This Obnoxious Gesture But Look Who’s Offended

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Joe Biden’s Economic Platform For Presidential Bid Is Absurd; You Just Have To See It For Yourself

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What Ilhan Omar Said She Wants To Do To The ‘American Economy And Political Systems’ Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

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Old Social Media Posts Show The Racist And Hateful True Colors Of Black Lives Matter Toronto Leader

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Insane: Why This Pro-Police Couple Got Charged With A Hate Crime In California

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