Yet Another Study Released That Says Blood Type Plays Huge Role In How Severe COVID-19 Cases Can Be; Here’s What It Revealed

(Tea Party 247) – While all of the chaos with Black Lives Matter is front and center when it comes to news coverage right now, the coronavirus all but forgotten it seems, there’s still new information coming out that is revealing more and more about COVID-19 and how the illness works.

Not long ago a study came out that linked the severity of a case of the illness to a person’s blood type. Well, a second study has been revealed that backs up those findings and provides even more data and information concerning the factors that determine who a “high risk person” might be.

The study was produced by the New England Journal of Medicine and compares the genes of thousands of COVID-19 patients in Europe. Individuals who had Type A blood were more likely to experience a severe case of the sickness, while those with Type O were much less likely to.

Here’s more on this from Just The News:

The study does not prove a blood type connection but confirms a previous report from China.

“Most of us discounted it because it was a very crude study,” said Dr. Parameswar Hari, a blood specialist at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Other scientists were more cautious about the findings.

Dr. Eric Topol, head of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in San Diego, said evidence of a role for blood type is “tentative” and “not enough of a signal to be sure.”

Scientists from around the world, including some from Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Germany, participated in the study. They compared 2,000 patients who experienced a severe form of the disease to several thousands folks who were healthy or who had very mild cases of coronavirus.

So what are the implications of all this? Only those who are at high-risk, such as those with underlying health conditions that could cause coronavirus complications need to be quarantined along with those who actually have the virus. Not healthy people.

This information helps to identify individuals who need additional protections and enables the rest of us a bit more liberty to get back to life as usual. We’re going to conquer this thing, folks. It just takes time.

What’s really concerning at this point is how much it seems we were all lied to about the nature of the illness from the start. It really does appear that leftists in the media and in local and state governments took full advantage of this pandemic to make massive grabs of power.

Take Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for example. Telling people what they can and cannot buy, who they can and cannot visit, and then punishing protesters who objected to her measures by lengthening the shutdown? Oh and then not abiding by her own rules? That just screams tyrant, doesn’t it?

It’s important that we learn from this experience and avoid allowing it to happen again in the future.