You Won’t Believe The Sick Things Professors Across America Have Said Since Pres. Trump’s COVID-19 News

(Tea Party 247) – Leftists are utterly deranged. Just days after claiming President Trump supports hate groups because of his less than satisfactory response (according to them) to being asked to denounce white supremacy and the Proud Boys (who are not racists or white supremacists), the majority of liberals in America turned into a hate group themselves with cheers and elation over President Trump testing positive for COVID-19.

It didn’t stop at just being happy about the news either. Many leftists shamelessly expressed their hopes and dreams that President Trump, and even First Lady Melania, would take seriously ill and die. It seems to be obvious why liberals simply cannot behave in rational and sane ways. They lack any kind of moral compass or soul.

Since the news of President Trump’s COVID-19 status, professors from around the country took to social media to express their delight.

Here’s more from Infowars:

Upon hearing this news, University of Michigan economics professor Susan Dynarski stated that she had “been an atheist for nearly 40 years, but perhaps there is a God.”

She also retweeted several posts that celebrated Trump’s diagnosis.

Louisiana Tech professor Drew McKevitt tweeted, “I thought we had all agreed we wanted to see him die in prison.”

University of Pennsylvania professor and Catholics for Biden co-chair Anthea Butler asked if it was “too late to open a bottle of champagne.”

Butler’s tweet came before Trump had announced he and the first lady tested positive, but after the president announced he would go into quarantine while awaiting his test results.

Johns Hopkins University Assistant Professor of Medicine Chidinma Ibe took the opportunity to criticize the president.

Ibe told Campus Reform that she did not mention the president’s “hubris to make light of the situation,” clarifying that she does not wish COVID-19 on anyone or take joy in Trump’s diagnosis.

Instead, she explained that her comments were “fundamentally rooted in his own behaviors: his well-documented public downplaying of COVID, his mockery of Vice President Biden’s insistence on wearing a mask, his persistence in undermining sound public health responses to a novel disease we are still in the midst of learning about, and a host of other deeply problematic and false statements he has made concerning who it affects and how to treat it.”

“As President, he owes it to himself and to this country to model best- practices concerning how to prevent the transmission of this deadly disease,” said Ibe. “To knowingly flout the truth, believing oneself to be invincible, is the essence of hubris.”

While those are all very troubling and heartless, Northwestern University journalism professor Steven Thrasher took the cake for most extreme and disturbing reaction. In his comments he said that his “head aches with laughter” before going on to describe how the President killed his “friends” with the coronavirus adding that he thinks it’s funny that now Trump is going after himself. Thrasher is completely delusional on a whole next level.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever buried someone–I’ve buried a few–but this death was especially enraging because it was preventable,” explained Thrasher. “So my head ached with laughter with the frustration and absurdity of being unable to talk to them, to tell them how the story has developed, that the person who killed them has now come for himself.”

He added that it is “It is absurd, and one must laugh or cry. I’ve cried a lot this summer over my dead friends. At times, I laugh at the absurdity that they needlessly died, and that the man who killed them is so callous, he is coming for himself.”

It’s hard to imagine what life must be like for people who actually, earnestly believe that President Trump has killed people with a virus. It’s completely incomprehensible to sane people how anyone could think that way. Which is why this should serve as an illustration as to why we need much better mental health care in America.