You Won’t Believe What Gov. Cuomo Said About Lockdown When He Thought No Microphones Were Recording

(Tea Party 247) – Some people are legitimately afraid of the coronavirus and they have good reason to be. It isn’t that the virus is super deadly with it’s over 98% survival rate that scares them, it’s the media’s portrayal of the virus and the Democrat’s fear-mongering tactics that are keeping people living in fear and willfully locked down, isolated, and compliant.

Democratic governors and mayors across the nation have used the coronavirus to implement unnecessary, Draconian restrictions and rules, largely with little to no input from the legislative bodies that are meant to be a check and balance for these offices. We’ve seen it happening all across the US with devastating effects on local and state economies, especially local businesses.

Most disturbingly, these Democratic tyrants have used the coronavirus “crisis” as a means to implement rules and restrictions that violate our most coveted and vital constitutional rights which are the right to assemble and our religious liberties.

These Democrats, such as Governors Wolf (PA), Whitmer (MI), Newsom (CA), and Cuomo (NY), have preyed upon the legitimate fears of the American people to enact mandates that violate our constitutional rights to assemble and observe our religion while allowing armies of radical, leftist extremists to run wild in the streets rioting, looting, vandalizing, and committing violence against the police and community members with impunity.

While rioters are given a free pass in the name of “social justice” and “ending racism,” good, well-meaning religious folk in America are being told not only to stay home but that they are not allowed to go to their church or synagogue for services.

This is especially appalling when you consider many of these people are legitimately scared, thanks to the leftist media’s panic-inducing scare tactics, and are in need of religious services more than ever.

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to shut down synagogues if the Orthodox Jewish community in New York City did not comply with his latest decrees. City officials have been placing the blame on this community for a recent outbreak of several COVID-19 “clusters” that have sprung up around the city.

Not only is the move to restrict Americans right to gather to observe religious practices unconstitutional and tyrannical it’s something even the Governor himself has admitted as being a “fear based response.”

In leaked audio of a conference call between Gov. Cuomo and the Jewish leaders last week, the Democrat spoke candidly, telling the leaders that the new COVID lockdowns in the city are based on fear. He also brought up Mayor Bill de Blasio on the phone call, claiming that the policy was the Mayor’s but that he was just trying to improve it.

“I don’t disagree with you. And look, I’m a hundred percent frank and candid. This is not a highly nuanced, sophisticated response. This is a fear-driven response,” Cuomo stated. “You know, this is not a policy being written by a scalpel. This is a policy being cut a hatchet, it’s just a very blunt — I didn’t propose this, you know. It was proposed by the mayor in the city. I’m trying to sharpen it and make it a better. But it’s out of fear. People see the numbers going up, ‘Close everything! Close everything!’ It’s not the best way to do it, but it is a fear-driven response. The virus scares people.”

The governor just admitted to using the legitimate fears of the people against them. Cuomo then talked about implementing a “smarter” response after the numbers start going back down though there is no science that actually supports the idea that the virus is going to magically go away if everyone just keeps going into isolation on and off. If anything, we are prolonging the life cycle of this virus.

The governor told the Jewish leaders that they need to do “everything they can” to bring the numbers down so they can come up with a better strategy. Apparently, that includes trampling on the constitutional rights and freedoms of Americans, you know, in the name of public health safety, of course.

“Hopefully we get the numbers down in the zip codes, the anxiety comes down, and then we can have a smarter, more tailored approach,” Cuomo said. “Your point is right. Why close every school? Why don’t you test the schools and close the ones that have a problem? I know, but — the truth is, I don’t know that we have the resources to do that now, but I can tell you honestly that the fear is too high to do anything other than let’s do everything we can to get the infection rate down now, close the doors, close the windows. That’s where we are.”

That’s “where we are?” Still hiding behind closed doors and windows from a virus that isn’t nearly as deadly as the media and Democrats would have us believe.

Jewish leaders have accused Cuomo of betraying them, according to the Jewish newspaper Hamodia, which had the full recording of the call.

According to the leaders, Cuomo had originally said he would “limit houses of worship to 50% occupancy in areas seeing a COVID-19 uptick, just hours before a public press conference in which he limited it to 10 attendees,” Hamodia reported.

“The current rule … in any indoor gathering … it’s 50% of capacity,” the governor said. “That’s the current law. We have to follow that law. If we don’t follow that law then the infection rate gets worse. Then we’re gonna have to go back to close down. And nobody wants to do that. But I need your help in getting the rate down, and the rate will come down, if we follow the rules on the mask and the social distancing and the 50%.”

But, later that same day Gov. Cuomo issued his decree that houses of worship would be limited to 10 people in attendance rather than the 50% capacity and then he threatened to close the synagogues altogether if the Jewish community failed to comply with his orders which resulted in massive protests in the streets.

Elections have consequences indeed, folks.

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