You Won’t Believe What Leftists Are Using To Protect Their Autonomous Zone In Seattle

(Tea Party 247) – Let’s do a brief recap on some of the reasons why the left hates Donald Trump and thinks he is the worst human on planet earth. First, President Trump believes that the President of the United States should be focused on the best interests of the United States first and foremost. The left hates America, so obviously nationalism is not acceptable.

Second, Trump has insisted on an efficient border wall being built but bleeding heart leftists think we should have open borders and anybody should be free to come and go as they please, mooching off of hard-working American tax-payers when applicable.

And finally, under no circumstances ever does the left feel the law should be enforced where illegal immigrants are concerned. Deportations are “xenophobic” and an obvious act of hate.

Knowing, however, that the left is rife with hypocrisy, it should come as no surprise that in their little make-believe, liberal dystopian fantasy land in downtown Seattle, now known as “CHAZ,” there are heavily protected borders and they’ve even performed at least one deportation.

What would life be like without a daily dose of leftist hypocrisy?

Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has been formed by anarchists, Antifa members, and Black Lives Matter activists with the goal of forcing the city and Washington State governments to kowtow to their list of demands which include such rational proposals such as doing away with the police and prisons, releasing black prison inmates, and even segregation (such as black doctors for black patients).

CHAZ, a six-square block area, has been set up with clear and precise borders made up of mostly vehicle barriers and other make-shift forms of fencing. Apparently, the left has finally acknowledged the need for borders and border control, how ironic.

Photos from CHAZ show the border controls:

What’s even more compelling is that CHAZ occupants have even carried out at least one deportation. How tolerant!

Breitbart reports:

On Thursday, reporter Julio Rosas captured a moment where CHAZ occupants kicked out a man who said he was a pro-life activist and had been live-streaming from inside the autonomous zone.

The man was taunted by a mob as he was kicked out. The process was far less technical and impartial than the deportation process of the United States federal government.

This is far from the first time the left’s hypocrisy on the matter of borders and walls has been displayed. Homes owned by infamous leftists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill Gates are all surrounded by fences, walls and, in some cases, 20-foot high barriers.

It’s probably safe to assume they don’t allow anyone to just come and go from their private property.

Now, CHAZ is illustrating just how shallow and absurd the left truly is. They hate and loathe Donald Trump for trying to protect the United States with an effective border but how quickly they turn to that very thing when it is convenient for and benefits them.

The left doesn’t so much hate President Trump as much as they hate America and this is just further proof of that.