You’ll Never Guess What Leftist Activists Think About New Jobs Website For Regular, Non-Activist Americans

(Tea Party 247) – Despite the fact that America has been hijacked by unhinged, leftist activists there are still many, if not the majority of people, who just want to live their lives peacefully. These folks are more interested in going to work and just doing their job instead of forcing their personal beliefs and opinions on everyone around them.

A new job listings board called has been created for the purpose of hiring workers, not activists, who just want to work, not advocate, but not everyone thinks it’s a great idea. Of course. How 2020.

A description on, which was registered in late June, reads:

Don’t interrupt your competition when they are making a mistake. Let them fill their diversity quotas. Let them exhaust their resources, efforts and reputation on being “woke”. Let them posture about their so-called virtues. Let their employees walk on eggshells in their bubble wrapped offices. Let them think they are changing the world for the better. Let them think they are the counterculture. Let them issue public apologies in commercials and on Twitter for the crimes of simply existing. For improving the lives of billions through their services and innovations. Employing millions of people, contributing immeasurably to the local and global economy. Raising billions out of poverty. They have nothing to be sorry for. But they have chosen the path they are on.

So we urge you, to calmly sit back, relax and watch your woke competition implode as they do their hiring based on skin color, ethnicity, origin, gender identity rather than merit. Watch the quality of their goods, brands, and services suffer as a result.

There are already many job listings on the website as “Pride Month” and Black Lives Matter continue to be enthusiastically pushed by “woke” companies across America. According to Infowars, “The website also promotes the #ImOut hashtag, with the purpose to ‘Quit your woke company — Tell your story using the hashtag #ImOut and give others the courage to follow your lead. Let’s bankrupt the woke.’”

Naturally, the site has already been hacked by … you guessed it, social justice activists who have spammed it with fake job listings. The left-wing media is also naturally pushing the idea that the website is all about white supremacy.

Infowars has more:

Vice Magazine reported the website being spammed with fake listings such as a job posting for a “professional racist” earning a six-figure salary. Another troll sought to employ a “Big Chungus.”

The far-left magazine went on to compare to the free speech platform Gab, writing “Like far-right social media network Gab, which started as an alternative to mainstream social media and was quickly ruled by white supremacists, these sites calling for less accountability for people’s problematic actions aren’t sneaky anymore. They’re just dumb, and deserved to be trolled to death.”

Of course, Twitter was rife with leftist rage over the site with some deeming it “not okay.”

Apparently, it’s “not okay” to just want employees who come to work and do their job without pushing their political views and opinions. It’s “not okay” for people to want to go to work to do their job and only their job. This is woke culture, after all.

Another Twitter user supported the idea of, saying, “This is great. As a hiring manager, we want people who will show up for the job we hired them for. We want people who will do the job without arguing with customers.”

“This is a direct result of people being unable to keep their personal and professional lives separate.”

That’s absolutely correct. Americans are tired of getting a side of political correctness and activism with every purchase they make and every business they visit. It’s getting old and Americans are just plain tired of it.