Booker Wants to Register ALL Gun Owners

Booker Wants to Register ALL Gun Owners

Or Maybe He Just Has It in for the NRA and Second Amendment

The Democratic Senator for New Jersey, Cory Booker is coming for your guns. Or maybe he’s got a thing for the NRA. We’re really not sure what his true issue is, but what Booker is attempting to do is combine infringement of your Second Amendment rights while trying to wield the IRS as a personal weapon against the NRA.

No, we’re not really sure what one thing has to do with the other, or how NRA taxes are going to improve the safety of Americans, but we do know Booker sure has put a lot of effort into combining the issues.

Let’s see what he’s proposing, if only for a good laugh.

Booker’s Gun-Free America

That doesn’t even look right, does it? But that’s exactly what Cory Booker is aiming for in Cory’s Plan to End the Gun Violence Epidemic, which is really code for “Cory’s Plan to Make Sure Only Criminals Are Able to Protect Themselves.”

  • The one part of Cory’s plan most Americans agree on is universal background checks, which is why they are mostly already a thing. Only, Booker wants to take it to such a drastic level that you wouldn’t be able to buy an antique that doesn’t even fire without filing a pile of paperwork.
  • Speaking of background checks, the first one is just the start. Booker’s plan calls for licensing requirements to follow those checks, so that every gun owner has a license that lasts up to five years.
  • During that maximum of five years, automatic reviews would be conducted to ensure that even though you met the requirements and got your license, you didn’t suddenly go rogue and do something to offend his delicate sensibilities.
  • Even if your record is crystal clear, you still wouldn’t have access to bump stocks, more than one handgun a month, assault weapons, “high-capacity” magazines or “bulk purchases.” (We can assume the exact definitions of “high-capacity” and “bulk purchases” will be determined by Booker and most certainly not involve double digits.)
  • What’s that you say? Enough is enough? Not quite. Gun owners will also be required to report when a gun is stolen. Because limiting your access to home protection isn’t enough, why not make you go that extra step whether you want to or not?
  • Been accused of domestic violence and confused about how your love life could possibly bleed over into 2A? Those who have been convicted of any sort of domestic violence charge, felony or not, would not be able to own a gun. Translation: Piss your girlfriend off enough and you’ll never own another firearm. In an honest world, this makes sense, but the last few years have shown how easy it is for people to make false accusations that result in life-changing convictions, with no penalty for making those accusations when the truth finally comes out.
  • And where are all the funds for licensing going? Apparently to the ATF and studies on gun violence, since Booker also plans to funnel money from somewhere to these efforts.
  • The fun’s not over yet. Those who sell at gun shows or online will also need to meet specifications and gun owners will need to be licensed for those purchases as well.
  • While we’re forcing law abiding citizens to jump through hoops just to access their 2A rights, apparently we’re still not going to put the burden of responsibility for gun use on the criminals. Instead, Booker wants to lead law suits straight to gun manufacturers and dealers. Because for some reason, it’s their fault when people misuse items they bought. If this is the way of it, maybe we can get back some of our money from Big Pharma, too.
  • Perhaps the most interesting (ignorant) bit of this plan is that Booker is looking to the IRS to take down the NRA, in the name of the safety of Americans, of course. What one thing has to do with the other we don’t know, and he probably doesn’t either, but there it is.

This whole plan looks a whole lot like a Booker version of an attack on the NRA and anyone who might consider being a member or simply using their Second Amendment rights. But, in the spirit of American togetherness, we’ll offer a bit of advice to Booker: If you’re trying to create a smokescreen in the name of American safety, you might want to leave out the bit about the IRS and the NRA — it’s a sort of red flag that makes your real intentions more obvious than you’d like.