Fact Check: Were Harris and Warren Right to Call Michael Brown’s Death Murder?

The 2014 death of Michael Brown was a hugely controversial incident that played a big part in the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Left-wing narrative was that Brown, singled out because of his color, was deliberately gunned down by a racist cop. The evidence said differently — but, five years later, Democrat […]

Fact Check: Did Trump Delete “Invader” Tweets After El Paso Shooting?

With two mass shootings in a single weekend, the Left is going all out to find some way to blame President Trump. The Dayton shooting, which left nine dead, was a difficult one to pin on the president — the massacre happened because the killer was turned away from a bar. There’s more potential in […]

Fact Check: Is Trump Right That Wind Power Doesn’t Work?

It’s fair to say President Trump isn’t the wind power industry’s biggest fan. He’s said, several times, that as a way to generate electricity it doesn’t work without government subsidies. That’s brought him fierce attacks from environmentalists, including many Democrats and even some Republicans. There’s a loud campaign underway to convince us all that wind […]

Fact Check: Sanders Says People Don’t Like Private Insurance

Bernie Sanders wants to be president, but he has a problem — he’s a socialist relic, way out to the left of what the American people are ever going to elect if he runs on what he actually believes. To get around this problem, he’s trying to come up with eye-catching populist ideas that will […]

Fact Check: Did Trump Break His Promise On Manufacturing Jobs?

Democrat presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand launched a TV ad last week slamming President Trump for failing to keep one of his flagship election promises — to bring back manufacturing jobs to America. This promise was one of the things that won Trump the support of so many ordinary American workers, but now a leading Dem […]

Fact Check: Did Trump Cut Aid to Central America?

The Democratic Party’s bloated 2020 election race is already underway with over 25 candidates trying to get to the start line for a run at the White House. One of their first chances to stand out from the other candidates was the two-part Democratic Debate, which gave the candidates a chance to make wild claims […]

Fact Check: Has Corey Booker Taken Donations From Big Pharma?

Dem presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has been a loud critic of the pharmaceutical industry, vocally supporting a slew of anti-industry bills — especially since he set his eyes on the White House. So he can’t have been too pleased in late June when President Trump got on Twitter at the end of June […]

Fact Check: Can Medical Marijuana Affect Your 2A Rights?

Marijuana is one of the most convoluted legal minefields in the US right now. States and the federal government are disagreeing all over the place about why — and if — you should be allowed to use the drug. More confusion over a simple drug issue is bad enough, of course, but some people are […]

Fact Check: Is the First Amendment Under Threat From Liberal Colleges?

Is the First Amendment Under Threat From Liberal Colleges?

President Trump has just signed an executive order to protect free speech in America’s increasingly liberal-dominated higher education system. Many have welcomed this move; others have claimed it’s an overreaction or even an attack on the same freedoms it claims to protect. What’s the truth here? Is Trump playing politics and making worthless gestures to […]

Fact Check: Is AOC the GOP's Secret Weapon?

Is AOC The GOP's Secret Weapon?

Socialist newbie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) might be the darling of the Left, but we’ve been doing some thinking about her recently and we’ve come up with a radical new possibility. What if AOC isn’t a far-Left fanatic after all? What if she’s actually the Republican Party’s secret weapon to guarantee victory in the 2020 […]