Fact Check: Facebook Requesting Your Banking Info

Facebook Asks Banks for Your Info

There is a rumor going around that Facebook wanted banks to share your data, including your transactions and where you’re shopping. The Wall Street Journal is just one of the sources who reported on this issue. But is that really true? According to Facebook, absolutely not. We’ve seen a lot of “fake news” this year, […]

Fact Check: Did The Whistleblower Speak to Congressmen First?

Fact Check: Did The Whistleblower Speak to Congressmen First?

As the Democrats tie themselves into increasingly tangled knots over their desire to impeach President Trump, the latest attempt is all going to come down to the credibility — or otherwise — of the intelligence community “whistleblower” who leaked allegations about Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine. But what makes a whistleblower credible? […]

Fact Check: Are Dems Using Tax Dollars To Fund College For Illegal Immigrants?

We all know that the American Left has a strange obsession with taking care of people who entered our country illegally. It doesn’t matter how often someone’s robbed or killed by a criminal who had no right to even be in the US; they keep banging on about “undocumented immigrants” and putting their interests above […]

Fact Check – Have Whistleblower Rules Changed?

Fact Check - Have Whistleblower Rules Changed?

With the Democrats’ latest impeachment attempt relying on the testimony of a so-called whistleblower, there’s been some interest in what the rules are on government employees making the sort of accusations now being thrown at President Trump. It’s a gray area in many ways, and now it’s a controversial one, too. The president and some […]

Fact Check: Surgery Caused by Flu Shot

Fact Check: New York Legislator Dies From Flu Shot

Should you get a flu shot this year? If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about it, you just might want to read this. The truth about the flu shot, regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, is that it can cause serious side effects for some people. Minnesota resident Jacalyn Broze spoke to CBS […]

Fact Check: Can Illegals Really Vote Now?

Can Illegals Really Vote Now?

It’s hard to believe how Democrats want illegal immigrants treated. If it was up to the Left, these criminals would have exactly the same rights as American citizens and legal aliens. There don’t seem to be any limits at all on how far they’ll go to encourage illegals — they even want them to be […]

Fact Check: Is O’Rourke the Only Dem That Wants a Forced Gun Buyback?

Fact Check: Is O'Rourke The Only Dem That Wants a Forced Gun Buyback?

Democrat presidential wannabe Beto O’Rourke, caused a stir this month when he called for a mandatory buyback of semiautomatic sporting rifles. “Hell, yes,” he told a debate audience, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” Many of his fellow Democrats were surprised to hear that. They know how strongly most Americans feel about the […]

AOC Fuels Dem Infighting

AOC Fuels Dem Infighting

As anyone who understands American elections knows, the Democrats aren’t in a great place right now. Next November they face the difficult task of unseating a president at the end of his first term, which history tells us isn’t easy. It’s even harder when the country’s only had four years of the GOP after a […]

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Really Oppose the Iraq War?

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Really Oppose The Iraq War?

As the Democratic race for president heats up and the candidates try to make themselves stand out from the crowd, some of them are getting pretty creative with the facts. Joe Biden is looking like the front runner in many polls, and he wants to keep it that way, so he’s been dredging up everything […]

Fact Check: Will Climate Change Wipe Out Ocean Oxygen?

Fact Check: Will Climate Change Wipe Out Ocean Oxygen?

We’ve heard plenty of claims recently about how wildfires in the Amazon rainforest threaten to kill us all because the rainforest produces half of Earth’s oxygen. It turns out that’s not true; the Amazon produces something like 7% of Earth’s oxygen, almost all of it is immediately soaked right back up by the rainforest itself, […]