New Trump Policy Bypasses Sanctuary City Directives


Voluntary Program Helps Deputies Detain Illegals

So-called “sanctuary cities” have produced a grim register of robbed, raped and murdered Americans, victims of criminal illegal immigrants the Left is obsessed with protecting. Now President Trump is fighting back, making it easier for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to call on support from local law enforcement — even when local government obstructs that process.

Beating the Deadly “Sanctuary” Laws

The idea behind “sanctuary cities” is that Liberal politicians pass laws prohibiting law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE to remove illegal immigrants. There’s no legal or moral justification for these policies — they’re aimed at helping criminals break the law and get away with it. Innocent American citizens are dead because of “sanctuary” policies, but liberals just don’t care.

Luckily the president does care, and he’s been working hard to counter these lethal aberrations. The latest policy is the Warrant Service Officer Program, a voluntary program developed by ICE and the National Sheriff’s Association. If a sheriff’s department signs up for the program, its deputies will get some training, then be empowered to serve federal warrants on suspected illegals. Deputies wouldn’t interview suspects to determine their immigration status; they’d simply serve the warrant, which authorizes a local jail to hold them for 48 hours.

The deputy doesn’t have to cooperate with ICE at all, which makes a neat end-run around “sanctuary” laws — but if an ICE agent should decide to visit the suspect during that 48-hour detention, well, what’s the harm in that?

The ACLU and other Liberal groups are furious about the WSO Program, of course, but there’s nothing surprising about that. For the rest of us sane law-abiding citizens, this step makes sense, don’t you agree?