AOC Has Only 10 Donors From Her Own District

Loudmouth freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the darling of the Left-Wing media. What she doesn’t seem to be is the darling of her own constituents. The Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) has just released details of who’s donated to her re-election campaign. So, who’s involved? Well, not the people she’s supposed to be representing. Highlights […]

Two Illegals Charged With Raping Child

Democrats continue to resist any policy that would secure our borders properly. Many of us are asking exactly how the Left will protect us against foreign criminals, to no avail. The Left remains silent. Meanwhile, Maryland prosecutors are charging two men with the repeated rape of a minor. Unsurprisingly, the accused men had no right […]

Dissent at NYT Over “Left-Wing Resistance”

It’s fair to say the political right has a problem with the mainstream media right now. Establishment journalists have been undergoing a collective mental meltdown since the 2016 election results came in. They’ve spent the last three years spewing anti-Trump fake news all over the newspapers and airwaves. Of course, conservatives are sick of it. […]

Splits Appear in AOC Team

Just when it needs to be united to stand any chance of beating President Trump in next year’s election, the Democratic Party has decided to tear itself apart. With most of its presidential candidates tracking hard to the left, and outspoken new congresswomen attacking the remaining moderates, there’s a civil war underway inside the American […]

Jim Jordan: “Hold Collusion Investigators Accountable”

The inquiry into alleged collusion with Russia has dragged on pretty much since President Trump was elected, and it’s cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars. Now, thanks to the Mueller hearings, it’s obvious the whole mess was a waste of time and money — a left-wing fairy tale based on dubious sources and unreliable […]

Controversial Movie Cancelled After Public Outrage

Liberals like to blame conservatives, with our old-fashioned attachment to the US Constitution, for the mass shootings that plague our society. While we certainly do need to find out why some people go on lethal rampages against their fellow Americans, the Left probably won’t like the results. You see, some of them are far too […]

Victim of False Accusations Found Dead In Suspected Suicide

A man falsely accused of killing a 7-year-old black girl has been found dead in a Montgomery County jail, the victim of an apparent suicide. Robert Cantrell, 49, was targeted late last year by so-called anti-racism activist Shaun King, who’s known as Talcum X for his radical black activism and remarkably pale skin. King’s claims […]

Breaking News: Epstein Dead in Apparent Suicide

Accused sex-trafficker, Jeffery Epstein has died as a result of an apparent suicide by hanging. He was found unresponsive around 6:30 am on Saturday, August 10th hanging in his Manhattan jail cell. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. It’s believed he attempted suicide in July as well and […]

ALERT: Biden Accidentally Exposes His Racist Beliefs

Remember when Kamala Harris called out Joe Biden during the DNC debates about his support of bussing policies? Harris went easy on him afterward by stating “I don’t think you’re racist” in an attempt to keep the discussion civil. A good move at the time, but she may have been too generous. Biden’s latest slip […]

Somali “Refugees” Arrested For Supporting ISIS

Two fake refugees have been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of terrorism offenses, the Department of Justice announced on July 29th. The two Somali nationals came to the US claiming their lives were in danger if they stayed in their own country, and were given sanctuary in the finest American tradition — but their real […]