Pence Issues Warning to Christian Grads

Pence Issues Warning to Christian Grads

Oh, How the Left Keeps Bashing Christianity

Christianity isn’t safe in America anymore. Religion is playing less of a role in people’s lives today and Atheism is starting to replace Christian faiths at an alarming rate. The result? Christians are under attack from every angle, and Vice President Pence’s experience proves it, so he’s warning young Christian graduates about the trend of religious intolerance in modern society.

Why Pence?

VP Mike Pence is an excellent representation of modern Evangelicals in the government. He’s the middleman between faith and the Trump Administration. Trump has always been supportive of Christianity but Pence is closer to the roots of America’s religious culture. Pence has defended Trump’s faith for over two years — that’s precisely what makes him a prime target for the Left.

Pence’s Struggle to Defend Faith

It’s sadly not surprising when the Democrats take jabs at Pence for his solid faith-based stances. Women are angry at his Christian views of abortion. LGBTQ activists are outraged at his defense of traditional marriage. Nevermind the fact that the Bible speaks to the origin of life and marriage. Aren’t the lefties supposed to be the ones who run on facts instead of feelings?

The scope of the Left’s attack on Pence doesn’t end at outspoken protesters. Democratic nominee Pete Buttigieg (also a devout Christian) openly questions Pence’s defense of Trump. What kind of VP DOESN’T support their President? What an unfortunate time we live in when a fellow man of faith challenges his brother for political reasons.

The Warning to Young Christians

If you can see the problem with the nonstop backlash against Christianity, then so does Pence. That’s why he’s taking action to prepare this new generation for the hardships they’ll endure outside of the confines of academics. Pence’s speeches at the Liberty and Taylor Universities were the next natural courses of action.

He didn’t deliver his message as a VP; Pence spoke as a fellow follower of Christ. He encouraged the new graduates to prepare the defenses of their faith. Sharing the reasons and arguments for hope and trust in Jesus is crucial in an age where Christian beliefs are constantly challenged.

What Can YOU Do?

As a Christian, the best course is to follow in Pence’s footsteps and show millennials the reality of our fading culture. Teach them how to defend the faith and to show compassion and forgiveness to those who don’t understand. We can only do so much to remind Americans of the importance of faith but we have to try.

Grace, love and reason are the most effective tools young Christians can use to defend and spread the faith. That’s the core of Pence’s message to this next wave of adults entering the real world. It’s sad that our society is lacking those qualities — we can only hope this year’s Christian graduates can succeed in reinstilling those values into the American way of life.