Reporter Detained, Home Searched When He Won’t Reveal a Source

Reporter Detained, Home Searched When He Won't Reveal a Source

Watching the Watchers Gets You in Trouble

There are plenty of good reasons to distrust mainstream media. But that alone shouldn’t discredit the honest journalists trying to reveal the TRUE story. Bryan Carmody’s detainment for refusing to reveal a source illustrates what happens when the police cross the line.

Forced Entry

Imagine being woken up at 8 am to the loud slamming and rattling sounds of metal on metal. The source? Roughly 10 San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) officers taking a sledgehammer to Bryan Carmody’s front gate. He’s a freelance journalist that sells stories to local news networks. This time he apparently decided to cover the “wrong” story.

Naturally, Carmody said he’d open the gate and allow them into his house. The officers showed their search warrant with guns drawn as they methodically went through his home. Apparently, the SFPD thought the procurement of a single journalistic source was important enough for a search warrant and to detain Carmody for six hours — in handcuffs! He even got to meet the FBI.

Now, to be fair, the source was a confidential police report. Bryan didn’t break into the records office to obtain it — he met with an undisclosed informant who leaked the document. Carmody declined the SFPD’s polite request to reveal the source just two weeks before the break-in. Seems like his journalistic integrity got on their nerves.

More Than an Inconvenience

The SFPD didn’t just raid his home; they raided his office too. Carmody’s wealth of tablets, computers, hard drives, phones, cameras and notebooks were confiscated. His ability to work totally crippled until he raises enough money to purchase new equipment. It’s unlikely the police will return Carmody’s belongings anytime soon. That’s one way to silence your opposition.

Journalism Knows No Bounds

Digging into the details of the police document paints a worrisome picture about the extent to which authorities will cover their own trail. The story surrounds the suspicious death of Jeff Adachi, a long time public defender of San Francisco. Officially speaking, he died of a heart attack in February. The report reveals strange and unsettling details, though.

It seems that Adachi was with another woman (instead of his wife) the night of the heart attack. The report had pictures of an unmade bed, empty booze bottles, marijuana edibles, and some syringes potentially left behind by paramedics. He’s a questionable character indeed, but it’s also suspicious that those photos are pretty much all the information in the SFPD report.

These details don’t do much of anything to reveal his real cause of death — that seems to be the point. Their “report” looks more like a potential smear campaign than anything else. Adachi had a history of investigating police misconduct, and it seems like the SFPD wasn’t too happy about that. This charade shouldn’t go on forever; Carmody’s attorney has good reason to believe that the police have grossly overstepped their authoritative boundaries. Ya think?

Another Threat to Free Speech

It’s safe to say that the watchers of San Francisco don’t like being watched. Why else would the SFPD be THIS aggressive in defaming Adachi and shutting down the journalist covering the story? It’s a roundabout way to silence narratives that don’t fit in with the establishment. Get rid of the journalists and the public will be none the wiser.

What Can YOU Do?

This story is an attack on everyone’s right to free speech. Call out First Amendment censoring actions for what they are and defend the journalists doing their part to bring us the truth. San Francisco’s latest attack on free speech is just a small taste of what’s to come if we stay complacent.