Pentagon Missile Test, Planned Parenthood, and Payroll Tax Cuts?

US Military Tests New Tomahawk Missile The Pentagon has confirmed that the US military conducted a missile test recently. The missile, identified as a Navy Tomahawk, was launched from San Nicolas Island and struck a target just over 310 miles away. This successful launch is the first of its kind in nearly 30 years. Tomahawks […]

Mock Trump Assassination, O’Rourke Makes a Senate Decision and Warren Is Still Apologizing

Dems Mock Trump Assassination Martin Sandoval (D-IL) held a disgusting fundraiser at the expense of President Trump. As seen in the post below, an unidentified attendee wearing a Trump mask holds his hands over his chest as another guest points a fake gun at him. As you can see, they were endorsing the death of […]

Hottest News Picks for August 21, 2019

1 Amazon Rainforest Ablaze for Weeks Amazon rainforests are responsible for 20% of the Earth’s oxygen production — and they’ve been on fire for weeks on end with no end in sight. Smoke plumes can even be seen from space. The Amazon Is on Fire and the Smoke Can Be Seen from Space — […]

Hottest News Picks for August 20, 2019

1 Marianne Williamson Unveils Her Department of Peace DNC candidate Marianne Williamson is, once again, at the verge of whipping out her chakra crystals with her latest policy announcement. She plans to create the “Department of Peace” in an attempt to make our country safer and more hospitable. It sounds great in theory until we […]

US Purchasing Greenland, Democrat Calls Antifa Peaceful and Tlaib Cancels Trip to West Bank

US Purchasing Greenland, Democrat Calls Antifa Peaceful and Tlaib Cancels Trip to West Bank

US Purchasing Greenland? President Donald Trump talked to the media on Sunday about rumors that his administration plans to purchase Greenland. It sure sounds absurd…but what’s the real truth? “Essentially it’s a large real estate deal. A lot of things can be done. It’s hurting Denmark very badly because they’re losing almost $700 million a […]

Exploding Beer, French Wine Tariffs, and Scam Alert

Exploding Beer, French Wine Tariffs and Scam Alert

Beer Recalled Due to Explosion Risk Lakefront Brewery of Wisconsin announced recently that their newest beer, “My Turn Junk,” is being recalled because it might explode. This isn’t what anyone means when they say, “having a drink with friends is exciting!” Allegedly, the beer contains yeast from cherries that continue to ferment after being processed […]

Was Victoria’s Secret in Bed With Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein’s sheer number of ties to wealthy individuals and politicians is astounding. Now, more disturbing details of his disgusting behaviors and powerful connections have been brought to light, even after his death by “suicide.” This newly discovered link between Epstein and Victoria’s Secret executives will shock you. A Clothing Shop by Men for Men […]

Hottest News Picks for August 19, 2019

1 Islamic State Suicide Bomb at Kabul Wedding; 63 Killed, 182 Wounded A suicide bomber detonated his vest filled with explosives in the middle of a wedding in Kabul this weekend. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 63 and wounded 182. The latest tragedy in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, is a […]

McDonald’s Manager Pays for Insulting Cop

An Alabama man lost his job after insulting a cop. The officer was grabbing lunch through the drive-thru window at his local McDonald’s. When he pulled up to pay, the employee working the register went to get the manager so they could give the cop a discount..but that’s where things went completely wrong. The manager […]

Hottest News Picks for August 16, 2019

1 Iraq Mystery Fires Destroying Crucial Crops Iraqi farmers are facing tough times with an “unprecedented” number of fires destroying their crops. Even the size of recent crop burnings is larger than usual. Farming regions enjoyed a brief stint of stability after ISIS lost territorial control. Earlier in August, the country was able to obtain […]