Voter Warning: Harris VP Candidacy Could Result in Terrifying Gun Restrictions

Voter Warning: Harris VP Candidacy Could Result in Terrifying Gun Restrictions

The Real Meaning Behind Her “Good Ideas” for Gun Laws

Dems are racing to platform the candidate they believe will beat Trump in 2020. It’s not hard to see they’re putting the cart before the horse with a year and a half to go until election day. Still, their latest trendy endorsement of Biden-Harris could have dramatic ramifications on the future of gun legislation. Kamala Harris, in particular, is the reason why you should worry about your gun rights.

Why Biden-Harris?

Uncle Joe has gained so much attention from Democrat voters since he announced his candidacy. He’s raised more money than any other DNC runner in his first month. It’s an astonishing but unsurprising feat given his run as VP with Obama.

A lot of Democrats, especially African-Americans, are heavily endorsing the Biden-Harris combination. Biden because of his time with Obama and Harris for her African roots. But Joe is just another “old white man” and modern leftist voters are looking for a progressive candidate to take the White House — that’s where Kamala Harris comes in, even if she’s the VP.

Harris’ Track Record With Gun Control

Kamala Harris is a favorite primary contender for her progressive stance on some issues. Her ideas on gun control are off the deep end, though. She claims that Dems aren’t short on “good ideas” for gun regulation. They’re just missing the legislative support to enact their world-changing policies.

What that really means is she wants to push draconian gun policies onto the nation. You don’t have to take our word — California has passed over 15 new gun restriction laws since Harris became involved in state politics in 2004. They’re not “common sense” either; the NRA only approves 2 out of 11 firearm regulation movements introduced in 2019.

The New Wave of Gun Laws

It doesn’t stop there. Harris has publicly endorsed Cory Booker’s call to enforce federal gun licenses. So much for state’s rights, right?

Harris has gone so far as to say she’ll take executive action to ban the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons. On its own that policy might even be desirable; American manufacturers would pick up the slack. Nothing would really change for gun owners and it’d be a boost for American businesses.

The problem is there’s no telling what other measures she’ll take to restrict the sale and manufacturing of firearms. Harris already has a heavy hand in turning California into the most restrictive state where guns rights are concerned. There’s no doubt she’ll have a heavy hand at the national level if she’s in the White House.

Can’t Uncle Joe Keep Harris Under Control?

It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? The truth is it’s highly unlikely that Biden would simply ignore Harris every day if they win the election. Biden used to see eye-to-eye with the NRA when he supported the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. Now, the political climate is different; the Dems are pushing for more gun restrictions and there’s only so much one man can do.

Sadly, it’s not even clear that Biden is fully aware of what’s constitutionally permissible. When asked about “smart gun” technology he said he’d never heard of the idea before or if it’s allowed under the Constitution. The NRA isn’t opposed to fingerprint readers on firearms so long as any legislation surrounding it doesn’t prevent citizens from obtaining traditional non-smart guns. That’s probably a pipe dream at best with Democrats in the Oval Office, especially with Harris as VP.

What Can YOU Do?

Speak up! Don’t let the Democrats push their outrageous gun restrictions under the guise of “reasonable” rhetoric. Call out their proposed “safety concerns” for what they are: the eroding of the ability for Americans to overthrow a tyrannical government controlled by the Dems.