Who Will Trump Face Off With in 2020: Biden Up in the Dem Polls


Biden Over Bernie?

Given the outpouring of rage and sadness when Bernie Sanders failed to secure a spot in the oval office during the last election, you would have thought he would be leading the way on the Democrat path to presidential candidacy this time around. But the Left is unpredictable, and it’s entirely possible that all the Joe Biden memes took over their collective conscious in the end.

  • In a poll conducted by the Morning Consult, Sanders dropped no less than 15 points between March and May, while Biden carries a 32 point lead with Democrats between the ages of 18 and 29. Those numbers are somewhat surprising since Sanders was quite popular with the 18-29-year-old group in 2016.
  • More bad news for Sanders — the older the voter gets, the more inclined they are to choose Biden over Bernie, perhaps focusing on his status as the former Vice President.
  • What isn’t a surprise is that the discord in the Democratic party could mean that President Trump may as well go ahead and settle in and prepare for another term as president.
  • Another poll, taken from 440 Democrat voters, reveals an even wider gap than the Morning Consult. Biden won that poll at 46%, while Bernie claimed a meager 14% of the voters.
  • The poll did not offer the option to say that the voter was unsure of who they were backing, but with such a wide margin between Biden and Bernie, it’s becoming clear Trump will most likely face Biden as his strongest opponent.
  • What makes Trump’s position so clear? Well, mostly it’s that Americans may enjoy eloquent speakers and fun memes, but what we really want and need is someone who takes action instead of relying on pretty words and speeches… and we’ve clearly gotten that with President Trump.